Jersey Shore Fishing Hurt By Dredging and Beach Building

Fishing, marine life and environmental tourism being negatively affected along the South Jersey shoreline. No one is doing a study on the negative impact of dredging, beach replenishment, outfall pipes, and dune building.

Stockton Coastal Research Center in cahoots with ACOE, Army Corp of Engineers?

Audio clips from Shep on Fishing radio show. Jan. 26, 2019.

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Show notes from the SHEP ON FISHING radio show of Jan 26, 2019.

Bucktail Willie: Pumping sand enriches ACOE.

Former Congressman Lobiondo & NJ Gov. Christie pushed hard for beach project. Allowed them to tap multi-millions in Sandy Relief money. Forces taxpayers to pay for ‘re-nourishment’, for up 50 years.

Margate, Ventnor and Longport taxpayers are funding a barely-effective, environmentally harmful project. Some politicians harassed those who raised questions about beach project. See: Ventnor Commissioner Lance Landgraf

Audubon Society was informed: bird life on the beach is diminishing.

Stu Farrell and Stockton Coastal Research Center often sides with real estate developers. On payroll of many small towns.

  • Farrell approved private dune maintenance in Brigantine.
  • South Jersey shore land-based fishing access is worst of east coast.
  • Old piers being shut down. No more fishing of off old bridges.
  • Neighboring states preserve fishing attractions. But in Jersey, they’re becoming virtually non-existent.
  • Stu Farrell of Stockton Coastal Research Center not likely to help in any way.
  • We haven’t had a major storm in past 2 years. Replenishment sand is already gone.
  • Take a train to get to the water > Wildwood.
  • Beach pumping creates sand sink holes. Dangerous.
  • Throwing money away. ACOE beach replenishment. Army Corp of Engineers
  • Newly replenished New Hampshire beach in Atlantic City barely lasts 4 months
  • T-Jetties do well down south
  • Beach replenishment: waste of time and taxpayer money
  • The beach was once full of life. No more starfish around the jetties.
  • Inlets are now choked with sand was recently pumped onto the beach
  • Corson’s Inlet & Great Egg getting badly clogged with sand
  • New Jersey Beach Buggy Org > jetties are the answer.
  • Tagging Stripers. Littoral Society.
  • NJ Politicians ignoring issue
  • Brigantine’s most eroded beach named after Congressman Lobiondo
  • See: Developer Legally Threatens Brigantine Fishfinder
  • See: slow trajectory towards privatization of fisheries; watch NETFLIX ‘ROTTEN’ documentary called ‘Cod is Dead‘.