New Jersey Teachers Union Reeling Over Video Sting

Ugly. Real ugly. The NJEA was forced to make a statement in regards to some local union presidents being caught on video, saying some [allegedly] nasty things. Project Veritas, producer of those damning videos, argues that NJEA union leaders shirk legal responsibility to report potential child abuse to proper authorities.

The videos resulted in the Union City Board of Education suspending Union City Education Association President Kathleen Valencia. “The Board finds the comments that were made, deeply disturbing.”

Project Veritas, lead by James O’Keefe, urged viewers to ask the NJEA to name the teacher who Valencia said had been accused of having sex with a student but had not been charged with a crime.

In another video, Hamilton Township Education Association President David Perry seemingly explains how unions can protect teachers who beat up and threaten kids.

  • Union President: “I’m here to defend even the worst people”
  • Perry: “I need to know the truth, so that we can bend the truth.”
  • Advises Teacher to “NOT TELL A SOUL” About Incident
  • The longer incident goes unreported, the better because camera footage in schools erased over time

Project Veritas is often accused of deceptive practices. Nonetheless, this digitally savvy org has shined light on critical issues that local newspapers often ignore. Past Project Veritas videos have resulted in firings, suspensions or total organization shutdowns, as was in the case of ACORN.

The video was also posted on the Facebook page of Hamilton Township Community Supporting Education. “This is just pathetic,” Denise Ragolia-Ayres commented. “I have kids in this school system and this is infuriating.”

Sad. Local media ignoring stories like this. At one time, Newspaper was a community watchdog. Alas, that’s no longer the case. Especially in the era of ‘one newspaper towns’ that prefer to push political ideology.

Why people don’t trust the media. Why Press of Atlantic City circulation is plummeting.

Instead of covering real LOCAL news, some Press of AC reporters prefer to comment on national issues like comedienne Michelle Wolfe’s shocking routine at the recent White House Correspondents dinner. LISTEN & WATCH >

Example: Press of Atlantic City reporters, supposedly objective journalists, openly approve comments attacking pro-life supporters and women in the White House. ‘Michelle Wolfe was hilarious’ (at White House Press Correspondents Dinner) says Press of AC reporters, referring to comedienne Wolfe, who joked graphically about abortion. LISTEN >

O’Keefe is the publisher of American Pravda.

American Pravda book description from Amazon: The one real difference between the American press and the Soviet state newspaper Pravda was that the Russian people knew they were being lied to. To expose the lies our media tell us today, controversial journalist James O’Keefe created Project Veritas, an independent news organization whose reporters go where traditional journalists dare not. Their investigative work–equal parts James Bond, Mike Wallace, and Saul Alinsky―has had a consistent and powerful impact on its targets.

In American Pravda, the reader is invited to go undercover with these intrepid journalists as they infiltrate political campaigns, unmask dishonest officials and expose voter fraud. A rollicking adventure story on one level, the book also serves as a treatise on modern media, arguing that establishment journalists have a vested interest in keeping the powerful comfortable and the people misinformed.

American Pravda

The book not only contests the false narratives frequently put forth by corporate media, it documents the consequences of telling the truth in a world that does not necessarily want to hear it. O’Keefe’s enemies attack with lawsuits, smear campaigns, political prosecutions, and false charges in an effort to shut down Project Veritas. For O’Keefe, every one of these attacks is a sign of success.

American Pravda puts the myths and misconceptions surrounding O’Keefe’s activities to rest and will make you rethink every word you hear and read in the so-called mainstream press.