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Newspaper & Radio Fight Digital Competitors in Atlantic City

old-school-media WOND Press of Atlantic city
Digital Disruption in Atlantic City

In the Atlantic City market, the local newspaper (Press of Atlantic City) could eventually become the dominant AUDIO news source, overtaking the local talk/news radio station (WOND) in town.

In AC, Newspaper & Talk Radio are frenemies; both friend and enemy.

In AC, Newspaper & Talk Radio are frenemies; both friend and enemy. The two traditional media players battle for the same small pool of advertisers, but they also lovingly partner-up by openly sharing both the news and the air-waves.

Here’s how it works: The Press of Atlantic City newspaper provides access to all of their breaking news and coverage to the news / talk station in town; WOND Radio. In exchange, The Press of Atlantic City gets to place their top reporters, brands and advertisers on the WOND airwaves, in prime time, on a daily basis. The newspaper is mentioned often throughout the day as well.

Who gets the better of the deal? The Radio station or the Newspaper? It’s not even a close call. We think the Newspaper gets a better deal. Print is in a much more precarious position as readership continues to decline at a faster clip.



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