NJ Assembly Candidate Guenther Hurting Levinson and GOP Ticket.

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Phil Guenther. Wink Wink.

Being WOKE won’t help you beat Atlantic County Executive, Denny Levinson. But challenger, Susan Korngut just had to try in their recent mini-debate. Korgut is challenging incumbent Denny Levinson for his Atlantic County executive seat.

Definition of WOKE: hyper-sensitive to any potential of injustice in society, especially racism. “we need to stay angry, and stay woke”.

Korngut. Feelings are more important than facts. Korngut alleged Levinson’s administration is full of systemic racism. No examples, just broad accusations.

Denny Levinson
Ready for Re-Election?

Korngut decided against exposing a vulnerable spot in Denny’s reelection campaign. The GOP ticket is being dragged down by embattled NJ Assembly candidate, Phil Guenther. Listen below.

WOND Radio Callers Talk About Phil Guenther
  • Levinson supports cost effective, county wide Real Estate assessment. Guenther does not.
  • Levinson is strict fiscal conservative. Phil Guenther labeled as RINO; Republican in name only.
  • Levinson supports changing auditors every 3 years. Guenther does not.
  • Levinson keeps expenses low at ACIT. Guenther’s Brigantine school costs were some of the highest in Atlantic County.

Phil Guenther is former Mayor of Brigantine and superintendent of ACIT, Atlantic County Institute of Technology

VIDEO > Guenther is not fiscal conservative.

South Jersey GOP is vulnerable. This once powerful machine no longer has the will to counter-punch the social justice warriors. Instead, the South Jersey GOP folds like a cheap suit. Virtually handed-over the 2nd Congressional district seat to the Democrats last year. Outgoing Congressman, Frank Lobiondo and other NJ establishment Republicans did not defend that valuable seat. The NJ GOP allowed Jeff Van Drew (D) to beat Seth Grossman (R) by a small number of votes.

Phil Guenther ACIT Brigantine
Phil Guenther & Big Frank Lobiondo.

For years, Brigantine school enrollment has been dropping. With non-voting 2nd homeowners footing 75% of the bill, it was easy for Guenther to keep running 2 half-empty schools. 6-figure salaries and a bloated budget too.

For years, the BTA, Brigantine Taxpayers Association has advocated for consolidation. From two schools into one. BTA deserves high praise for keeping the pressure on City Council and especially, the former Mayor of Brigantine, Phil Guenther.

Over 30% of Brigantine property taxes went to the school district controlled by Phil Guenther. Accusations over how that money is spent, continue to hound Guenther.

The Brigantine Boards of Education and of School Estimates are not very open or accountable to the public. Meetings are still not recorded and posted for public on-demand viewing.

Phil Guenther and the Brigantine School District: THE FACTS.

Current enrollment pre-k through grade 8, is 506 students. That’s down from 556 in January 2019.

  • 65 in pre-k. Number boosted by Guenther pressuring private pre-k’s to close.
  • 46 in kindergarten.
  • 395 in grades 1-8.
  • 556 pupils in a building designed for well over 1100 students.

Brigantine is a Type 1 school district. The mayor alone appoints a 7-member Board of Education. For past 26 years, Phil Guenther played dominant role in growth of Brigantine school expenses, while student performance and enrollment slipped.

Brigantine families demand accurate data from Guenther and school district leadership.

Can the Brigantine public school education be described as ‘excellent’? The BTA doesn’t think so. Neither do a growing number of parents in Brigantine. The annual NJ State test results clearly reveal a mediocre level of academic achievement in Brigantine.

2018 NJ State test results in Math and English Language Literacy. Out of 4 categories, they failed in 3. Only in Elementary School Math did Brigantine students perform satisfactorily.

Spring 2019 State assessments (tests) will be released publicly on 11/8/19.

Under leadership of Phil Guenther, Brigantine’s school district has a long record of high costs and over-spending.

  • In 2016-17 school year, Brigantine had the highest administrative costs in the Atlantic County public-school system.
  • Brigantine ranks fifth in NJ for highest median teacher salaries.
  • Brigantine ranks 16th in NJ for highest per-pupil costs.
  • Under Phil Guenther, Brigantine per-pupil cost increased to $26,493

Higher cost does not equal greater academic achievement.

Learn More About The Brigantine Taxpayers Association.

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