NJ Democrat Calls Out Sanctuary State Lunacy

Far left, NJ Gov, Phil Murphy

Old Bridge NJ Democrat Councilman Mark Razzoli is on the record opposing Governor Phil Murphy’s Sanctuary State.

From SaveJersey.com: At a recent Old Bridge council meeting, he passionately accused politicians of “obstructing justice” for tweeting and sharing information advising illegal aliens how to avoid detention during an ICE raid. WATCH VIDEO from July 2019 >>

NJ Democrat Councilman Mark Razzoli 

Razzoli also declared that sanctuary statehood is really about “identity politics,” not public safety, and part of socialists’ plan “to shame the public into believing that anyone who opposed them are racist or xenophobic haters.”

He wants Old Bridge to sue Governor Murphy over sanctuary statehood like Sussex and Ocean counties.

“Since when is concern for public safety a cause for collective guilty?” Razzoli added, warning New Jersey is on a “slippery slope” on the road to anarchy.

New Jersey Sanctuary State
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Old Bridge passed resolutions opposing driver’s licenses for illegal aliens and formally opposing sanctuary statehood back in June.

Eddie Lopez: He’s absolutely 100% correct. A speech that should be heard by everyone in the United States. What a guy! And surprisingly, he’s a Democrat. Thank you sir, for a great little speech.

Ronald Prince: The first democrat I ever agreed with. I wonder how he feels about abortion.

Kapil Lakhlani: Pleasantly surprised that a Democrat stands for immigration law-enforcement. However, Mark Razolli should know that Nancy Pelosi disagrees with him. Lois Johnson: A Democrat with common sense. Good for him!

Ginger Joslin VeDepo: Of course it’s obstructing justice, and those who do that should be arrested. Period.

Maria Lambert: Wow & Wow!!!! We need more politicians like this brave man.

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