NJ Weed Wars. Should We Arrest Underage Kids for Selling Marijuana?

NJ Governor Phil Murphy says he is committed to passing legislation that will start legal marijuana sales. He said as much during his State of the State address on Jan 14, 2021.

NJ voters said YES to legal weed in November of 2020. Not just medical, but full-blown recreational use of pot by adults.

But what about a 17 yr old kid? Will they be jailed for selling weed on the street?

Gov. Murphy demanding a bill be passed to provide penalties for minors caught with marijuana.

Senator Steve Sweeney says there is a penalty for under-age consumption of Marijuana. Governor Murphy disagrees.

Will New Jersey Marijuana Laws Go Easy on Under-Aged Violators?

Democrats don’t want underage Black and Brown kids to be jailed for weed.

Weed Watch.

Not easy. NJ must pass a set of laws about marijuana. The NJ Legislature is slow to approve enabling legislation. Disagreement between lawmakers and the NJ governor. Concerns of underaged violations.

The current bills on Murphy’s desk are unfit for signature because they virtually legalize marijuana for children?

Sweeney wants lion’s share of revenue generated by Marijuana taxes to help social-justice programs.

Can Murphy fairly implement marijuana legalization?

New Jersey Marijuana

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