Ocean City’s Tolson Tapped For #2 CRDA Job.

Ocean City’s Tolson Wants Sweet CRDA Union Contracts

Richard Tolson is the new vice chair of the CRDA, Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. That’s a lofty position that’s only eclipsed by CRDA Chairman, Robert Mulchahy.

Tolson is from Ocean City. He’s the director of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers of New Jersey. Observers have questioned the appointment of Tolson.

The CRDA and Tolson are often questioned about Atlantic City crime within the Tourism District.

NJ Gov. Phil Murphy has appointed Tolson, the bricklayer union head to a top CRDA position.

Tolson’s bricklayers union contributed more than $8,500 to Gov Murphy’s campaign. 

Tolson has been a CRDA boardmember since 2012. He was appointed upon recommendation of NJ Senate President Sweeney.

Tolson also represents the bricklayer’s and craftworker’s union on the not-yet-effective, Atlantic City Executive Council.

Tolson receives an annual salary of $18,000 as a CRDA board member.

In July 2018, Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty became executive director of the CRDA.

There are 17 members on the CRDA board. Only 2 live in Atlantic City: socialite Gary Hill and AC Mayor Frank Gilliam.

The same can be said for CRDA board members Tolson and Gant often take offense when Atlantic City residents question the motives and checkered results of CRDA efforts.

Ed Gant CRDA

From PRESS OF AC: Camden County Democrats are aligned closely with South Jersey building-trades unions, and those unions are well-represented on CRDA’s board of directors. Edward Gant, business manager for IBEW Local 351, is a former union colleague of U.S. Rep. Donald Norcross, brother of George.

Tolson CRDA

From RTE 40:  Director of bricklayers union, Richard Tolson, is a CRDA board member. Two biggest contributors to AC Mayor Gilliam’s campaign were New Jersey bricklayers’ union and ironworkers’ union. Both have vested interest in state-sponsored takeover. Stockton University AC & Hard Rock Casino was built with union labor. Financial support came from State of NJ and CRDA.


CRDA board member, William T. Mullen is another board member of the CRDA, Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. Mullen heads the New Jersey State Building & Construction Trades Council. Mullen was a staunch supporter of Donald Norcross’ congressional campaign.

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