Ocean Club Residents Resolve to Stop Beach Give-Away & Development

Over 75 residents of the Ocean Club Condominium on the Atlantic City Boardwalk gathered on Dec. 28. Concerned residents were updated on recent efforts that could lead to major disruption of their family friendly, Chelsea neighborhood beach.

Atlantic City Council was minutes away from handing beach development rights to the CRDA, who in turn, could approve a developer of their choosing.

On Nov. 17, 2017, all of AC Council voted to authorize the AC Planning Board to review a proposed redevelopment plan for the beach and boardwalk between Montpelier and Morris Avenue and to report its findings to the City Council within forty-five (45) days.

CRDA, Atlantic City, Ocean Club
Early Plans Created on OCT 18, 2017

Several speakers, (including ACprimetime) offered insight about the situation. Resident Ray Dickey explained the circumstances surrounding the City Council’s moves, and provided public documents and video.

Dickey questioned why the Atlantic City planner (Ben Kauffman) couldn’t remember the developer’s identity, when questioned at the council meeting in December. (see video)

Ocean Club is the 2nd largest taxpayer in Atlantic City, generating $7 million per year for city.

Harold Strauss, a resident of Ocean Club, sees no economic benefit for council to hand-off this Chelsea neighborhood beach to a developer. “This action could result in a decline of almost $2 mil in tax revenue.”

Most residents feel this area is NOT in need of re-development.

  • Did council forget to legally inform local residents?
  • Council had no OK from AC Planning Board. (hand-selected by Mayor Guardian)

Will Mayor-elect Gilliam do what’s right? Or will Big Frank allow CRDA’s Chris Howard & Lance Landgraf to work their devious magic?

Resident, Mary Ann Quince, spoke to importance of allowing public access to this free beach; family gatherings, weddings, class trips from Atlantic City schools. “This beach is the Chelsea neighborhood’s park.”

The staff of ACprimetime was invited to shared observations on how Atlantic City handles legislation, city planning and development. We explained the importance of monitoring city government more carefully, reading documents, watching video, OPRA requests, and how to decode cryptic terminology typically used on meeting agendas. We also spent a few moments discussing the critical benefits of independent, online media. Attendees described ACprimetime.com as a community watchdog, a role local newspaper used to play.

Ocean Club and Chelsea residents were surprised by how little beach would be left for residential use.

Atlantic City Frank Gilliam CRDA Ocean Club
Mayor-Elect Gilliam Seems to Contradict Known Facts.

Chelsea neighbors would lose a portion of their Atlantic City beach.

Dickey said mailings, petitions and additional resident meetings were all planned. Several parties were looking at possible legal issues.

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