Off-Duty Atlantic City Cop Arrested for DUI in Ventnor

Video from

Video from a police body cam has been released showing Sgt. Michael Camp being arrested for DUI in Ventnor. Approx 10 a.m. Sunday FEB 9.

Camp, a 20 year veteran of the Atlantic City Police Department, rear-ended a vehicle, stopped at a light on border of Ventnor and AC.

Police say Camp had a BAC, blood alcohol concentration of .13 more than an hour after the crash.

Camp: ‘I’m messed up, your gonna lock me up’.

According to Camp allegedly smelled of alcohol, had bloodshot eyes, and had difficulty walking and standing. Three sobriety tests were given. Camp allegedly failed them all.

Body Cam video was first published by Lynda Cohen of Breaking AC.

Public officials are — and should be — held to a higher standard.

Lynda Cohen,

A checklist completed by the arresting officer said Camp was ‘rambling’ and ‘slobbering,’ but that his demeanor was ‘cooperative,’ ‘polite’ and ‘calm,’ according to the police report. Read more at

Camp was handcuffed and taken into custody, processed and released.

Camp will appear before a Ventnor municipal court judge on March 17 at 11:30a.

This is second time Camp has been arrested while employed by the Atlantic City Police Department. In 2010, Camp was charged with simple assault from a domestic violence incident, according to the Press of Atlantic City.