Online Pedo Patrols Target Atlantic City Child Predators

Atlantic City seems to be a prime hunting ground for those who trap child predators.

Since July 22, 2021, Atlantic City Police have arrested four men for attempting to lure a minor, with assistance from concerned citizens like CREEPS and Colorado Ped Patrol.

The ‘sting’ group pose as underage children on various social media sites. They then confront the individual and notify local law enforcement. Responding officers get screen shots of conversations and detailed information that was shared between CREEPS and Colorado Ped Patrol, and the suspected peds.

These online ped patrols are spending more time in Atlantic City. They are very busy.

  • In Venice Park section of Atlantic City, ‘Frankie’ brought booze, condoms for 15 yr old.
  • ‘Boris’ is a runner. Gets exposed and takes off inside Hard Rock Casino.
  • Man identifying as a woman with HIV, is confronted on Atlantic City Boardwalk.

These citizen groups have helped law enforcement with at least 6 arrests in the past 2 months.

Many ACPD very helpful, cooperative with CPP. Taking this very seriously. Other security personnel along the Boardwalk, not so much. (see video)

Four Arrested for Attempted Child Luring

  • Jose Machuca, 51, of Hyattsville, MD.
  • Sambatrimiaina Raminoson, 26, of Atlantic City.
  • Eugene Pulley, 49, of Philadelphia, PA.
  • Clifford Horn, 54, of Chalfont, PA.

All four were released on a summons with a future court date. This could pose a substantial risk to the general public. What do these alleged perpetrators look like?

According to BreakingAC, The Atlantic County Justice Facility no longer provides mugshots to the media, citing the Atlantic County prosecutor’s order. The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office says it’s part of the Attorney General’s Guidelines. There is no such guideline, according to the Attorney General’s Office, but they have recommended that these offices not release any photos that appear to be mugshots.

AC crime getting worse. Much worse. Official stats don’t always tell the whole story. Many instances of crimes no longer reported. Some no longer considered a serious ‘crime’.

  • Not enough officers on the street.
  • Less arrests. Less prosecutions.

What did we expect? New Jersey does more to protect criminals, than law-abiding citizens. Cops can lose their job if a suspect decides to sue.

Setting bad examples.

The Mayor of Atlantic City, Marty Small, has been arrested or charged 13 times through-out his lifetime. Both he and his ACHS principal wife are defendants in a school student, sex-abuse scandal.

Mayor Marty Small not too worried. Small says Atlantic City crime is ‘a cultural thing’. That’s just the way it is.

School Board President, Shay Steele, publicly mocks a board member that happens to be an AC cop.

Child Predators on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. In the neighborhoods. In the Casinos. In the schools.

NJ recently reduced the ACPD by approx 40%. NJ Gov Murphy released many from prison. Police officers handcuffed by new rules mandated by NJ Atty General. Drug abuse, crime, failing schools and child predators. Atlantic City Czar Chris Brown hired by Gov Murphy to help solve these problems.

Critical need for more police on the Boardwalk and streets of Atlantic City.

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