Open Letter to Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small

Coby Frier

The following is a letter from local businessman, Coby Frier, to Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small.

Mayor Small,

I have pointed out the positive things you have done for the city in your time of office and you have even acknowledged me for doing so. In the past few months I have seen a change in the city. A change in your leadership.

I witnessed that change first hand yesterday at the Atlantic City Air Show. The hubris you displayed, and when I say you, I am also referring to the “ thug” you were instigating with, was at an all time high.

For those who don’t know who John C Exadaktilos (Johnny X) is, I will give a little background. Johnny is a citizen and business owner in AC. He does not hold back in sharing his disdain for the current mayor, Marty Small. So much so that he does a weekly Facebook live update on what he feels the mayor is doing wrong.

Johnny Ex.

I might further add that this is his right as a taxpayer and citizen. It has been done for years and years. If you are in politics, Marty, deal with the adoration as well as the hate.

Back to my story.

Johnny X was working the airshow yesterday supplying all the VIP tents with ice, food and drinks. There were local charities, big corporate sponsors etc.

Johnny was in his ATV delivering ice and the mayor was walking by with his, I am told social media director Kash (don’t know why taxpayers have to pay for that but more on that later) and leaned into Johnny’s ATV and the mayor asked Johnny something along the lines of ‘sucking his dick’, really? This resulted in Johnny firing back at the mayor along the lines of ‘mad that I tell the truth, feeling guilty, all very political.

The mayor and Johnny had more words about ‘kicking each others asses’ and then Kash got involved. Next thing you know, Johnny and Kash (also working and representing city) are face to face about to fight, throwing expletives at each other.

I saw this, as did everyone else (it was a big scene and in front of 1000’s of air show attendees) so I jumped in to break it up, when Kash started on me. I broke it up and cooled the situation somewhat but spent the rest of the day explaining what happened to complete strangers.

1) Mayor Small and Kash, you were doing this during ‘work hours’, not on your time. You were doing this on taxpayers time.

2) Mr. Mayor, this is not your city, it is our city and we hired you to work for us. You are employed by the citizens of Atlantic City, it is not a throne. John is your employer, he is allowed to disagree and call you out anyway he pleases and you need to accept it as ‘part of the job’.

3) Mr. Mayor, despite John getting under your skin, which lets face it, I can’t blame you, he is brutal about it, as Mayor you have to be held accountable to a higher standard, you failed miserably yesterday

4) Mr. Mayor, to not control your employees and actually instigate them to do your bidding for you might be even worse than you doing it yourself.

If you are going to “ talk the talk” then take off your mayor suit and “walk the walk” don’t have a hired thug do your dirty work. If you really want to fight, fight. It is foolish but have at it. Don’t have another employee do it for you.

BTW, that employee also technically works for Johnny and the taxpayers as well.

In closing, as a politician, you need to embrace the love and the hate. Find out what you can do humbly to change the haters opinions, if possible. You need to display the pride in this city. Promote tourism, promote the events and all this city has to offer. Not just the events that resonate with you personally!

You need to bring all races, ethnicities and religions together, not alienate ones that don’t align with you. This is a great city, you have so much you can accomplish as the bar has been set so low as are the expectations. You were on a national stage yesterday and failed miserably.

The next question: How can you fix your actions and humble yourself to the citizens of Atlantic City for embarrassing US on a national stage?

In closing, I am sure someone in your circle will show you this post. It was done out of love for Atlantic City, not out of hate for you. I have supported you doing good things in the past and will continue to do so, but yesterday was an embarrassment.

Peace and Love and #getFRIERdup about AC

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