Perception is Reality. Atlantic City Crime, Drugs and Homeless.

What does the outside world think about Atlantic City? That’s what REALLY matters when considering the reinvention of AC. NO matter that the crime stats say, no matter what well-paid officials and media pundits regurgitate.

What’s missing? Research and feedback from outsiders & actual visitors. Maybe even an avid traveler / video blogger from Texas. WATCH VIDEO >

Too many outsiders still have the impression that Atlantic City is unsafe. No matter what CRDA, NJ Lt Gov Oliver or embattled Mayor Frank Gilliam says. Of course, the absolute LAST person that should discuss AC crime, is Mayor Frank. But I digress…

Atlantic City crime isn’t always violent. It’s not always reported as a crime.

Aggressive begging, petty theft, homeless pan handling.

No view of the ocean from Boardwalk kills foot traffic.

Improve perception. Visitors and residents must feel safe.

Attract young families to AC? Increase home ownership. Sounds nice. Not gonna happen with AC’s lousy school performance scores, high taxes and crime.

Those who DO pay taxes are vulnerable to tax hikes and higher assessments. Casinos are protected from stuff like this.

AC is dumping ground for ex offenders, sex offenders, needle exchanges, social services. Many boarding houses are non-compliant,. Should be separated by 1,000 ft. Ordinance not being enforced in areas like Tennessee Ave.

Susan Czerwinski Hesser: I love AC..but to be honest, was there the other day on Tennessee Ave at the Beer Hall and it was crackhead was daytime so I wasn’t afraid..but wouldn’t even consider going there at night

Poverty, homeless, mental challenges, addiction treatment, needle exchanges, myriad social services steps from casinos and boardwalk, challenges related to sanctuary state issues.

Reported Crime vs disorder. Greater fear of being harassed by bothered by disorderly people.

Not violent people, or even criminals, but those such as panhandlers, drunks, addicts, rowdy teenagers, loiterers or people with mental health struggles.

Abandoned properties, dark streets, open air drug deals in the tourism District

Stockton students not venturing off campus. ACDEVCO plans to build even more dorms. This will hurt property values of those hoping to rent rooms to students.

Local pizza shops getting a Stockton bump? Not really. Students get their pizza on campus at Carluccio’s.

From Press of Atlantic City: Owens and her friend and fellow city resident Automne Bennett, 36, said they were skeptical of the city’s crime data as they pointed out abandoned properties last month they said have become a breeding ground for crime and drug use.

CRDA spending millions on questionable projects. Meet AC trying to attract more conferences. Spin machine.

Concerned AC citizens: ‘All 17 board members of CRDA should walk entire length of Pacific Ave. Then spend time at Renaissance plaza and the AC bus terminal.’

Only two members of CRDA actually live in Atlantic City. Mayor Frank Gilliam and local socialite, Gary Hill. CRDA does not reflect ethnic make up of Atlantic City, either.

We can pat ourselves on the back. Tell each other…we ‘turned the corner’. Run ads in the dying local newspaper or local radio with limited reach not working.

Legal weed, sports betting, online gambling and building Stockton dorm rooms are not the game changers AC was hoping for.

  • Massage parlors. Psychic readers, palm reading.
  • T-shirts shops. Many selling non-licensed product.
  • Retailers sell accessories to smoke marijuana, ‘that’s a big thing here’ says visitor.
  • Lots of pot being smoked.
  • You can’t walk the street at night, too dangerous. All the drug addicts hanging out.

Casinos were supposed to clean stuff up. 40 years later… didn’t help out the neighborhood

Jeanne Belmonte Wilder: I am a former lifelong visitor to Atlantic City. How come no one asks the “visitors” why they’ve stopped vacationing at the former World’s Favorite Playground?


  1. It’s amazing how the writer of this article doesn’t like our mayor. There isn’t one person in history that hasn’t made a mistake it doesn’t define who we our as a city. Atlantic City isn’t perfect but far from what the author of this article would want you to believe. Our own history in America is as ratchet as what you think the American flag has represented in our history because of view points of the author. The author sounds like he has his own agenda like Trump to undermine our leaders in our city and our city .I live here work here and love Atlantic City we are not perfect but neither is any where else . We are still in a developmental faze that we are still evolving into that place that all will come.Your dislike won’t stop this process . I didn’t like liver at first, but tried it again it wasn’t that bad . People Atlantic City is a beautiful place if you are looking for perfect click your feet together three times maybe . Not! So come here and enjoy and please don’t let the author of this article deter you from coming .We have a great mayor , great city, beautiful beach boardwalk Casinos shows restaurants and beautiful people.

    1. You must be using the drugs the author is speaking of. In order for AC to thrive residents must face the reality that their city is not perceived as a dump by others, but that it actually is.

  2. Part of the problem is all of the people that were brought in from third world countries to work here are turning Atlantic City in to where they came from.

  3. Its not true the immigrants are very hard working.the author of this article is right.hsve them wslk pacific.have them hang at rensisance.not only tennesee ave clean out the rooming houses tear thsm doen hang out at Tennessee and atlantic eatch that little store on corner the 24/7 store the wall outside the library.see how many drug deals per hour.

  4. I don’t like the article from the visitor from Texas. He looked for negativity and found it. Personally, I do not think we have a great Mayor or great City Council or great CRDA. I think they are all overpaid, inept people trying to run an inner city that has a lot of problems. However, inspite of all that, our boardwalk is wonderful, the beach is magnificent, good to great restaurants, decent and sometimes more than decent entertainment. I live here full time and am happy I do.

  5. It is very dangerous here even during the day parking garage are expensive to park and the cameras 🎥 aren’t even on Yoder if something happens they sometimes hang in parking garage hoodlums so they could rob you by your car st night it’s bad I live here used to come a lot if wasn’t bad then but now hoodlums. And homeless sleeping in streets and parking. Garage. They go to the bathroom. There piss and shit. It smells so bad need. Gun go be. on guard. Cops are always. Running with cars and chasing on foot but there are not enough police 🚔 here to keep up. This be a tv. Show. Cops It should called. Ac shore police patrol life

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