Pink Awesome, But Live Nation Failed with Atlantic City Beach Concert

A high percentage of attendees to the recent PINK beach concert in Atlantic City are not happy….and not just a little un-happy.  After 3 years and multiple shows, why can’t concert promoter LIVE NATION, and show producer, CRDA, get their act together?

Pink Awesome, But Live Nation and the CRDA Failed BIG-TIME with this Atlantic City Beach Concert.

Read some scathing reviews below, or visit AC Beach Concerts for more anger that you won’t see in the local papers, or hear about on the radio.

Kelly LaMonda‎ from Nassau County, NY. We purchased tickets in May for the Pink concert in Atlantic City July 12th. When we arrived to the concert, we were denied entry to the show due to overcrowding. We called for a refund and were DENIED A REFUND. Unacceptable. You need to fix this NOW!

Robert Tait · Town of Newtown, CT  Tide started coming in so people tried to get further into the general admission area. The security guards would not let us back into the area and ordered us back to the seawater. We had no where to go. It was scary.

Susan Miers Smith · Reading  The venue was horrible. Never again will I attend a beach concert produced by Live Nation. The setup, crowd control and safety management control were awful. Thank God there was not a major problem, it was a serious recipe for disaster.

Lynn Demarco — 30 yrs of concert going and this was by far the worst venue I’ve EVER been to. You guys should be ashamed, or at least, get out of the concert business. HORRIBLE! you placed the vendors IN FRONT of the ticket paying patrons so the stage was completely blocked and you didn’t even provide sound or screens to the GA patrons. Pink was great for the little over a hour she played but you people have a long way to go on how to handle a crowd this size before you do it again and get people hurt or killed. Thankfully there was no real crisis or emergency. Sad saw so many people just get up leave before the show even started due to the conditions being so poor! NEVER EVER AGAIN!

Dana Floyd Sutter — Traveled from Virginia to see this show. Must say that PINK was awesome & I would see her again. Now for the bad review; Hands down the WORST concert experience of my life! We had paid for the gold section which was a MISTAKE! The area was oversold to a point of total discomfort. Got up to go to the restroom and there was not toilet paper in the first three johns that I entered. General admission folks found a way in and stampeded forward. Between, no benefit to paying extra for the gold section which should have been an incredible experience, ZERO amenities, ridiculous wait times for drinks & restrooms, no answers even when asking for help, and frankly some of the most disgusting people I have ever come across, I won’t discriminate the men & women were equally as horrible & rude, I will never go back to Atlantic City for a concert again or likely for anything else. . Live Nation, AC Beachfest Concert Series & the Mayor of Atlantic City should consider themselves lucky that there were no major problems or injuries.  Sadly I think that there are many who feel that they had an awful experience and would likely not return to AC.

David Bobick — Paid for gold ticket.  We should have been close to the stage for our $300 and instead we sat as far back as people who paid $35. You ruined the concert for SOOOOO many people that you should be F%*KING ashamed of yourselves and on top of it all you treated a person with disabilities like total garbage. You owe me a refund. P!NK was great of course…if I could have only seen her at all…even the screens sucked…unreal.

Ericka Harris Poletti – This was my first beach concert and will be my last in AC. You sold too many tickets for the area on the beach. You have a diagram of how the beach would be set up. You put the food and beverage tents right in the middle of the beach in the best place to see the concert. Did you forget high tide? People were scrambling to stay dry and watch the concert. Trash cans were absent. I cringe at the thought of the trash left behind after the concert.

Cheryl Lynn – this was my first and LAST concert in AC. Beachfest needs to get their act together, I am an avid concert goer and have been to many outdoor, beach, etc this was by far the WORST concert venue, setup, & organization I have ever witnessed, I will also be seeking a refund as no where did it mention my views would be obstructed when I purchased the tickets! The amount of garbage washed into the ocean was a disgrace, pull someone from security detail and empty the trash cans – I mean my seriously Beachfest …. Shame on you and the event organizers.

Kimberly Palmisano —  Shame on you AC! You need to reflect on this disaster. Pink you rocked on and had a great attitude! However, the promoters of this event should reflect on the DANGER you put the public in. Shame on you for overselling tickets, not enough security, not enough water and beverage vendors. You are lucky no one died, was trampled on or was seriously hurt or injured.

TJ Waters – The venue was ***TERRIBLE***. We had tickets in the Gold Section. The area was completely oversold and was dangerously over crowded. There was virtually no crowd control, no traffic/people flow, complete bottlenecks and congestion everywhere, non existent security and the list goes on. Add to this all the sound issues P!NK experienced during her performance and it was further evidence of an overall completely mismanaged event. We will never attend another event at this venue and will share the awful experience we had with friends and family.

Karen Renee  — This was the worst concert I’ve ever been to. I was seated in the disabled section. We could not hear or see anything. There were no screens in our section to even be able to view P!nk. There wasn’t enough room for everyone with wheelchairs, or disabled seating. A fight broke out and staff did nothing! There was no security. There was no organization to the concert at all. Safety was a concern when the concert was done and I was getting pushed around trying to walk with my walker. I will NEVER attend another concert at Atlantic City Beachfest! I LOVE P!nk, but was disappointed that she only played an hour! This was her concert, not the cover bands that played forever. I believe refunds should be given out. My safety was a concern, and I didn’t even see her performance. What a Disgrace!

Sheri Rowe Foley  — I agree with all the negative comments. This was my first beach concert and it will be my last. Pink was amazing and worth the ticket price but I’ve never seen such an unorganized, chaotic, unsafe event in my life. Not enough access to food, drinks, bathrooms. Standing in the heat for hours with no shelter and only allowed 1 water. I felt faint and was allowed to leave to cool down which was great but I was allowed back inside and never checked again to see if I brought in anything not allowed. So many rude people and not enough security to control the chaos. I’m actually shocked that nothing disastrous happened.

LeeAnn Aiello Gallagher – Conditions were terrible. Our group stood in the ocean for 3 hours basically until I couldn’t feel my feet and then moved 2 miles back on sand only to find no view on screens that kept going off thru out entire concert… Not to mention show not starting til close to 9pm crazy. Hopefully someone changes things for the next event, however I won’t do another event in AC.

Sylvia Sypien
  — I feel the need to expose the deplorable conditions Live Nation made fans sit in... Told to arrive at the beach at 5pm. Told if we left the beach we were not allowed back on. 4hrs later or 9pm Pink finally took the stage. Mind you General admission fans had no access to rest rooms. Concert staff (in yellow shirts) we very confused and clearly not trained. Many people were very upset with the lack of restrooms.

Lets now move on to the face that there were no trash cans on the beach.. As the tide came in the trash was just allowed to be sweped into the ocean. I tried to talk to staff and a life guard about this and no one was concerned nor had an answer. Pounds and pounds of glass, tin can, plastic, food, cigarettes, beach towels, blakets and lord knowd what else was washed into the ocean from last nights concert alone.

Lastly we were settled into an area that had barricades on 3 sides and the ocean behind us. As the tide came in we were forced to stand in calf deep water with waves crashing to our waste.

We like many other ppl left at 9:30, only a half hour into the show we drove 2hrs to see, paid tickets for and waited another 4hrs to start. When we left we had to walk around the barricade that by this time ended in waste deep ocean water.

Add all these conditions with hours of heat, many intoxicated people and the inability to keep shoes on your feet and i can only imagine all the things that could have went wrong.

Shame on Live Nation for creating an area which traps fans in an unsafe area with no access to water, bath rooms or trash cans. Shame on Atlantic City for turning a blind eye to ocean pollution. Finally shame on New Jersey for allowing cities like AC to pollute and risk the safety if their citizens all for what, profit?

I certainly hope the media steps up and shines a spot light on these conditions and puts a stop to this arena! I love Pink. Saw her before, will see her again. I will however, NEVER go to another AC beach concert again.

Jennifer Coffey  —  The P!nk concert last night was the most awful concert or other public gathering venue I have ever attended. P!nk was great, but she came on 4 hours after the doors opened. We were in the gold section and the tide came into the general admission section and people started grabbing us and catapulting over the fence using us as leverage. The tide is predictable and people never should have been allowed to gather where it was coming in. The security staff were complaining that they couldn’t do anything. There was one entrance and exit for what had to 50,000 people. Very unsafe. We left 50 minutes into P!nk’s performance. I will never go to another beach concert in A.C. again.

Sharon Smith Hopp – First Pink concert she is Amazing! Having a great time until the general addmission section broke through the gate into the silver section like a stampede of bulls. Poor planning on the setup when the tide started to come in it all broke loose. Security could not control and I don’t blame them but this is how riots start not a good feeling when you see a rush of people coming towards you. We paid 100 dollars to be in the silver section. It’s a shame some people have no respect.

Susan Rahner-Catapano · Middletown, New Jersey P!nk was awesome! But the venue was terrible we paid for Silver section the fence was broken and the GA and non paying fans just flooded the area, the tide was coming in, there was no screen to see the show or room to move to an area with a screen! #pink-concert #Pink.