Playground Pier Closes WAV Nightclub on AC Boardwalk

AC wav closed Atlantic City
Short Life for Dance Club

The WAV nightclub is no more. The barely broken-in club on Atlantic City’s Playground Pier has reportedly closed it’s doors. The WAVac website is also offline.

Opened with much fanfare in April 2016, WAV was supposed to be a magnet for 20-somethings. The slow-growing Playground Pier in front of Caesars Casino on the Boardwalk really needed that kind of traffic boost. The many bars, retailers and eateries inside the Playground would supposedly benefit from the hundreds that would shop, eat & drink before heading into the WAV for a night of dancing.

LISTEN> ACprimetime Radio 7.6.2016

Playground Pier is the brainchild of Bart Blatstein and Tower Investments. Blatstein purchased the struggling ‘Pier Shops’ at Caesars for $2.7 mil in November of 2014. The deal was not a friendly one, which may explain why Caesars does nothing to encourage their guests to walk across the Boardwalk to enjoy Playground offerings.

This bad Playground news dampens the excitement of Blatstein’s new Showboat Hotel, opening on July 8.

Observers noted: if Playground would clone Tropicana’s ‘The Quarter’, they could have winner on that side of Atlantic City Boardwalk.

ALSO CONFIRMED: the GUESS retail store has exited their Playground location. ( is Starbucks next?)

Blatstein and Tower Investments is well known for the Piazza at Schmidt’s project in Philadelphia’s Northern Liberties section. After an exciting debut, The Piazza faltered and Bart sold out.

According to, Caesars and Blatstein had quite the legal tussle with this prime piece of Boardwalk Real Estate.

Our 2 Cents: Dance clubs might be maxed out in Atlantic City. Plenty of competition in this space. Also, it’s well known that poorly named ‘Playground’ was poorly marketed too. PR / advertising campaigns never connected with fun-seekers, and at times seemed non-existent. Still, that pier in front of Caesars is spectacular… it just needs proper management / creative leadership.

Is Blatstein over-leveraged? That’s what some are asking. With Bart on a buying spree in AC, does the Philly developer have the cash to properly manage his acquisitions? Will Blatstein have the time and resources to properly develop the volleyball court and Garden Pier parcels if those deals close? We look forward to Glenn Straub’s next move with this situation. What do YOU think? Leave a comment below.



11 thoughts on “Playground Pier Closes WAV Nightclub on AC Boardwalk”

  1. Sorry to hear I recommend all the time the playground not only dinning but shopping need to focus on shopping dining things for families great location except a Big one the parking People do not want to pay 15 to 25 to park their cars then spend 100 or more eating dinning. Give them a discount if you spend money in Their locations good luck want you to survive Hate to see Ceasars win it back by default

  2. Penny Gelfand

    In all the articles I read from AC Primetime, a few words stand out: Management, leadership, planning, supervision. Unless a company doing business in/with Atlantic City has a superb reputation, is super reliable, supervises it’s employees (a lot of “super” in those words), it seems AC government cannot keep up with making sure the new business is well-planned. The business gets started without thinking of what the AC market wants, transportation to and from, reliable employees to work in those new businesses. It just seems it’s poor planning all the way around. I admire Mayor Don Guardian, but he must make sure those working with him have foresight, do good research and stay on top of things when new projects, especially BIG ones like Stockton, show desire to be a part of Atlantic City.

    1. You are uninformed and have no clue what you are talking about. It is not the role of government to plan business. One of the reasons for the failure of AC is state and local government involvement. Have you ever heard of CRDA?….the state agency that takes peoples land only to sit on it and doesn’t generate any taxes. Ever heard of the Revel? backed by state government. Do you know who kept the most successful casino magnate (Steve Wynn) of all times out of AC….you’re right….government. Do you know who backs all those newly built empty buildings next to the boardwalk hall that have no demand? you’re right….government. Do you know who intervened and persuaded AC to not sell Bader Field for $800 million dollars only to now be worth $150 million? You’re right….government
      Atlantic City is one amazing case of successful government failure.

      Too many people are uneducated but I suggest reading and watching Milton Friedman. It is not the role of government to plan businesses.
      Here is a good reading:

      Finally, I will say that it is important to allow people and business’s easy entry to make an investment and start a business. If a successful billionaire wants to buy showboat and make a lot of money who are you to say it was a failure after being open for a few days? Showboat will be successful.

  3. Bart needs his brother Ricky to come down and creare some excitement in the Playground and the Pier. It also would be great if he brought down Anthony from Hotel Impossible to offer some guidance on a course if direction for the Showboat

  4. It is extremely difficult to succeed in today’s Atlantic City with all the negative under currents dominating the news. We need a dramatic solution and fast (maybe bankruptcy?) it’s been ten years and counting of downward revenues.

  5. No intention to say local gov’t. plans AC businesses. I did say there was poor planning all the way around. How many bars does a space like The Pier need? How many more T-shirt stores can the Boardwalk sustain? How did “it must be a casino/it cannot be a casino” ever get into the paperwork regarding Showboat? How did this fiasco with Stockton and liens from Borgata, etc. happen? All of the talk about re-inventing AC – who is supervising the re-invention? Who sees the whole picture?

  6. Everything works and worked with a huge volume of people pouring into the city on a daily basis.Doesnt matter how good of a businessperson you are on other areas of the country,Bart is a good business person and did a fa bulous job transforming the first floor of the Pier into a wonderful entertainment area last year,the volume of people dont come into the city any longer and from Oct.thru April,yhe city is a ghost town with the exception of Saturday night

  7. The Playground is a shell of what it was when it opened a decade ago as the Pier. Its sad. Gucci, Burberry, Guess, L’occitaine, Lush and many more locations all closed on December 31st. I was in there this week and nothing is left anymore to make it a shopping destination except for a handful of stores far apart from one another surrounded by empty space and for some remaining restaurants on the third floor. Pathetic and sad. Even the Starbucks is now closed and gone.

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