Press of Atlantic City Asks For Help From Declining Readership

Is the Press of Atlantic City in much worse shape than originally thought? It kinda looks that way.

Press Publisher Mark Blum, is personally asking the public to hang in there…. and support the Pleasantville-based newspaper operation. You can read, what sounds like a last cry for help.. here.

The Press of Atlantic City, and other most others newspapers, have seen dramatic drops in both readership and advertisers due to digital disruption. Most people now get their news & info online.

It’s not just newspapers that are bleeding revenue. Local Atlantic City area radio stations are also experiencing steep business declines due to the rise in digital news / marketing platforms like Facebook and Google…as well as the growth in online start-ups like, & .

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  1. They need to embrace the needs of the local cities better. Most local stories are now being covered by papers like the Sentinal and others. Should have a much better video presence and coverage of local events.

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