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Press of Atlantic City Now Labeled As Fake News

Letter To The Editor:  Is the Press of Atlantic City a proud member of the CNN – New York Times – Fake News Syndicate? Recent reports inside the Warren Buffet owned paper can make one think that way.

In the first 100 days of the NJ State takeover of Atlantic City, the state hasn’t accomplished much, says the newspaper. Most strongly  disagree… but….let’s cut the failing newspaper some slack.

Massive cutbacks in PRESS OF Atlantic City newsroom and renewed emphasis on national politics and social justice issues.

We can almost understand why the publication missed a substantial number of Atlantic City TAKE-OVER success stories. Let’s take a look…

The Press couldn’t ignore this one: Gov. Christie announced a major tax settlement with Borgata. The Guv even hammered the Borgata for an additional $30 mil. Take that, Mayor Don.

While Press reporters were busy tweeting about safe spaces, gender studies, free college tuition, burkinis, open borders, Bernie Sanders and grown men using the ladies room…they missed the following STATE TAKE-OVER success stories:

  • Stopped insane MUA purchase of Bader Field
  • Placed Bart Blatstein grab for Garden Pier & volleyball court on ice
  • Spanked Gary Hill for writing $3,000 MUA gift checks.
  • Said (expensive) goodbye to John Palmieri of CRDA
  • Vetoed the ‘Punish-TAJ’ bill, supported by BROWN, MAZZEO, SWEENEY & WHELAN.
  • Exposed Mayor Guardian as ineffective, but lovable, leader

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