Press of Atlantic City Paper Declines, But Podcast Grows.

The Press of Atlantic City’s biased political coverage might be killing circulation and chasing away advertisers… but… they’re doing one thing we absolutely LOVE. Podcasting.

The Press of AC, controlled by Warren Buffet, is embracing online audio-on-demand a.k.a. podcasting.

A podcasting app exists on EVERY smart phone, essentially turning a phone, into a radio. This is direct competition to traditional radio. It’s another reason why radio listenership and advertiser count continues to plummet.

Too often, the written word can easily lose context. But with podcasting, Press reporters can use their voices, sound clips and interviews to deliver a more rounded story. They discuss, conjecture and debate breaking news. Hearing their voices, pauses, volume level and other sounds provides much-needed context.

We believe The Press of Atlantic City will eventually STOP providing news and talent to their partner; WOND Radio 1400am. Why share your most valuable assets with a competitor? Especially when WOND Radio suffers from a surprisingly small reach of listeners in the WRONG DEMO. Most advertisers want to reach 18-49 adults. Not 55+, which WOND specializes in.

Sure, the production quality is still a work in progress. But the PRESS OF AC podcast has far superior content….to almost anything we’ve heard on local radio lately. Listen for yourself.

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