Press of Atlantic City: Hansen Sober Homes Should Follow Local Law.

Sober living homes are halfway houses for addicts. How many should be allowed in Atlantic City neighborhoods? Should the Hansen Foundation follow local law?

Hansen Foundation Atlantic City Sober Homes
Jennifer Hansen

From the Press of Atlantic City: States, municipalities and even the federal government have been slow to enact standards and regulations for them. The dispute over what regulations are desirable reached Atlantic City recently, where a sober living house has opened in apparent defiance of a municipal ordinance.

Hansen Foundation Sober Homes and Half-Way Housing in Atlantic City.

Some operators buy up vacant properties and single family homes. These properties are then converted into group homes, with up to 10-15 people living there.

Some half-way houses fail to provide adequate treatment. Instead, some prioritize billing insurance programs.

Some research: 70% of overdoses occur close to sober homes. Neighborhoods and addicts are harmed if these properties are poorly managed.

The Hansen Foundation operates sober living homes in Atlantic City. They recently opened a home in violation of city ordinance. Atlantic City ordered them to vacate the property. Litigation continues.

Hansen Foundation probably not happy that some jurisdictions are handing down rulings: it isn’t discriminatory or a violation of the Fair Housing Act to limit these so-called Sober Homes.

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