Press of Atlantic City, Legal Ads, Fake News & Partisan Journos

VIDEO > During his recent appearance on New Jersey 101.5’s “Ask the Governor,” Guv Christie took on the Press of Atlantic City, journalists, media barons and lawmakers who opposed the so-called ‘legal notice bill’. WATCH VIDEO >

Some notable quotes and thoughts…..from the radio show:

Newspapers…..are feeding like pigs at the government trough. Hypocrites in the newspaper industry. Radio journalists are no better. They attack the Governor….but give newspapers a pass. Radio news directors didn’t investigate publisher claims.

Press of Atlantic City, Legal Ads, Fake News & Partisan Journalism?

Newspaper executives are misleading. This LEGAL NOTICE bill does NOT stop someone from buying legal ads. You can still run legal ads in print. This bill says it is “no longer mandatory” to place an expensive legal print ad that most will never see. Big difference. This bill is PERMISSIVE = ‘you don’t have to’..but you can.

Publishers claim poor people don’t have Internet….but they’re forcing consumers to pay $1.50 per day to buy a paper to see legal notices. With web, you can see notices for FREE…online… at public library.

press of atlantic city fake news decline of newspaper
The Sad Decline of Newspaper

Declining newspaper industry: ‘special interests’ looking for a handout. Gannett, Newhouse, Press of AC & Warren Buffett. They use their newspaper to vilify the Guv and those who disagree with their ideology. Newspapers just want to protect their handout.

Mainstream media journalists act like paid lobbyists, protecting their billionaire bosses.

Newspapers are acting like advertising lobbyists. Christie’s ‘Revenge Bill’? Not really. Remember, back in 2011, many legislators voted FOR the bill in order to save taxpayers $80 million. It was a bi-partisan effort.

Why pay $910 to place a foreclosure LEGAL AD ?