Race For Lobiondo’s Congressional Seat Heats Up Between Grossman and Van Drew

The race for the Congressional seat held by Frank Lobiondo is heating up. A classic story of the promising underdog Grossman, worrying pre-anointed frontrunner, Van Drew.

What a difference a week makes. Money is flowing. Mud is slinging. False narratives abound.

Did you see this? A campaign e-mail from candidate Jeff Van Drew. He was telling his supporters: ‘This could be really bad.’

Last week, Van Drew’s finance chairman warned fellow Democrats: “This could be really bad. The Federal Election Commission reports are in and Grossman raised far more money than we expected. Grossman raised $30,000 from small-dollar Republican donors in one week. DON’T LET GROSSMAN KEEP HIS MOMENTUM.”

Two days later, Van Drew’s Finance Chairman emailed this to South Jersey Democrats:  “Let’s not kid ourselves–as a major swing seat, New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District could determine control of Congress this fall. Seth Grossman is coming out with crazy comment after crazy comment to protect our President at all costs. And to make matters worse, he’s raising money quickly from Tea Party activists online.”

Grossman Congress
Grossman Support Grows Amid Mud-slinging

Last month in the Washington Post: “Seth Grossman, a pro-Trump former Atlantic City councilman is too much of a firebrand conservative to win this district”.  One local Radio pundit prematurely broadcast that “the Grossman for Congress campaign is on early life support”.

During the past two weeks, South Jersey Democrats have learned they have good reason to worry. Their false claims of racism have been debunked. Dems like to make those types of false accusations, even though they’re ugly, harmful and unethical.

Racism. It’s an ugly accusation that Democrats rely on when all else fails. Local newspapers happily give it front page priority. No need for fact checking.

Democrats, along with a handful of misguided GOP leaders hoped a large crowd would force Republican freeholders to stop supporting Grossman. Didn’t happen. There was a large crowd, but they came out to support Grossman instead. John Q Public continues to give Grossman full support.

It’s getting a little too close for South Jersey Democrats. Time to unleash some new artillery.

Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Suleiman
Atlantic County DEM Chairman Suleiman Faces Skepticism from Residents

Last week, Atlantic County’s Democratic chairman issued a ‘Call to Action’ urging Democrats to attend and disrupt a Freeholders meeting. DEMS claim the name ‘Freeholder’, is racist. Protester attendance was weak. Meanwhile, over 50 Republicans and independents came out to publicly show support for Grossman.

Big campaign donations to Democrats are increasingly suspect. Big donations to Dems often benefit ‘pay to play’ government contractors. But wait, it gets worse.

Reports suggest that some of Van Drew’s campaign contributions came from committees funded by Hollywood creeps like Harvey Weinstein and James Gunn. Contributions by fired “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn to “Actblue” political committee appear to be an important part of the campaign funds of Democrat opponent Jeff Van Drew. See what DEM contributor James Gunn did to get him fired from Disney/Marvel.

The race is much closer than Democrats are willing to admit publicly.

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