Pics & Video > Re-built Boardwalk to Gardners Basin by 2017

The Atlantic City Boardwalk Reconstruction Project will connect the Gardners Basin area with the rest of Atlantic City’s boardwalk.

Work is scheduled to begin anytime now. Imagine a sunny stroll from the TAH MAHAL all the way to the Aquarium or Gilchrist for breakfast, as you overlook the waterways of Gardners Basin. Maybe you hop one of those new tram cars, or get a classic ride in a rolling chair. This could all be a reality by late 2016 or early 2017.

Some Boardwalk history: In 1870, two hotel guys hated that patrons would bring sand into the lobby, so they put wood planks on the sand. Worked great until high tide, when the boards were washed away. They decided to raise the planks and bingo!….we have our Boardwalk.


This critical project includes replacement of the world famous Atlantic City Boardwalk from Oriental Avenue to Melrose Avenue.

Atlantic City Boardwalk Recontruction
atlantic city board recontruction

Financial assistance was made possible in part by grant from the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, Division of Housing and Community Resources, Small Cities Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program with funds from the US Department of Urban Development (HUD), CDBG – Disaster Recovery Program.

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