Re-Invention of Atlantic City: Tennessee Ave Makeover

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Extreme Makeover for Tennessee Ave?

Can Atlantic City re-invent a once proud and prosperous Tennessee Ave?  Situated smack dab in the heart of downtown, Tennessee Ave. is a perfect parcel just off the Boardwalk. 81% of AC visitors walk by this block each day.

Sadly, Tennessee Ave. features some of the least valuable beach block property in Atlantic City. After dark, those properties are even less valuable as safety becomes more of a concern. What a shame. But….it looks like help is on the way as various orgs, including the county, city and independent groups are ramping up their support for a Tennessee Ave revival.

Riddle me this Batman… a ‘go-to’ or ‘must-see’ neighborhood or iconic street in AC……….tick, tick, tick.  Sorry. Time’s Up. There are none. (Gardner’s Basin is on the verge of this honor, though)

In order for Atlantic City to wean itself off the addictive, economy-stifling drug called casino gaming, AC must become an event, neighborhood & attraction-driven city too. Much like New Orleans.

We’re bullish on the ROI of giving Tennessee Ave an extreme makeover. This could pave the way for a brighter future in AC.  Not just for this beach block, but other neighborhoods through-out the city as well.

A handful of Tennessee Ave. businesses are still hanging on: The Irish Pub  and the Piccilli Pub are two such hot spots that continue robust, food & drink operations.

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THE FACTS: Each year, over 24 million people visit Atlantic City. Each day, over 31,000 commuters traverse our city streets.

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