Roger Gros: Take Chance on Atlantic City Government Change?

Mayor Marty Small

Roger Gros of Casino Connection posted his thoughts on the upcoming, change of government ballot question in Atlantic City.

A major YES vote could change the form of Atlantic City government on March 31.

If passed, the ward system would go away. Five council members would be elected ‘at large’… and would represent entire city.

Those five would choose the next Atlantic City Mayor from among themselves.

Council would then hire a professional city manager who would run the city. All departments including doing budgets, hiring staff, negotiating contracts, etc.

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Gros: At first blush, I’d have to agree with the opponents. Voters in the city would no longer have the opportunity to elect a mayor. The councilmen would not represent any single ward in the city, so the individual wards—which are sometimes quite different—would get no special attention.

Atlantic City Residents for Good Government is pushing for change.

Roger Gros: Many Atlantic City residents will vote for a change in government. They’re sick of the corruption, the incompetence and the declining standard of living in the city. Why not take a chance?

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