ROI of Atlantic City Beach Concerts: Return on Investment

AC Mayor Frank Gilliam
AC Mayor Frank Gilliam

Do beach concerts help the economy of Atlantic City? Do taxpayers and other stake holders benefit from the millions that are allocated to concert promoters like LIVE NATION?

Several questions have been raised, and remain unanswered.

  • Why does the CRDA provide millions to concert promoters like LIVE NATION?
  • Does the city benefit from each ticket sold?
  • How many PAID tickets are there, for each concert? Why doesn’t Atlantic City share that info?
  • What’s more valuable to Atlantic City? A beach concert or a safer, brighter, well-lit tourism district?
  • Will Gilliam and City Council represent Northside, as well as Southside concerns?
  • Is Mayor Gilliam a fan of country music?
  • The CRDA board features only 2 members that represent best interest of Atlantic City residents: Gary Hill and Mayor Frank Gilliam. Will they occasionally push back against 15 other members?


7 thoughts on “ROI of Atlantic City Beach Concerts: Return on Investment”

  1. I own a business on the boardwalk….PIER21…..1629 Boardwalk—-about 2 blocks from where the beach concerts are. We’ve been a family run business on the boardwalk 68 years —since 1950

    1. Most businesses actually do less in revenue than a normal summer day. The shops suffer because the concert goers are not generally shoppers…..They don’t want to carry any purchases with them to the concert and sometimes are restricted as to what they can carry into the concert. The restaurants and the pizza shops USED to do amazing business with the beach concerts, but now they have their own food venues on the beach. They are here for the concert and pretty much just exit the city when it’s over. If the casinos or city would sponsor after concert parties etc. to keep them here another day or two…..maybe we could all benefit.

    2. Another problem with the beach concerts is that when people (the regular tourists) that live within 100 miles of Atlantic City hear that 50,000 people will be at a beach concert……THEY are not coming!

    3. When Pink performed last year, 50, 000 people crowded onto the beach before the concert…..Because of the heat…..most people with non reserved seating sat by the waters edge to keep cool…………MAYBE….JUST MAYBE ….Someone could have gone on stage to tell them ahead of time that high tide was coming in about the time the concert was to begin. So, when it did these people crushed into the people that had reserved seats and from what my customers told me, it wasn’t pleasant…. Plus, there was an inadequate amount of trash receptacles from what I had heard and trash was everywhere.


    BUT…..What THEY don’t understand is when they pat themselves on the back for getting 50,000 people to come to Atlantic City is that at least 10,000 or more go home and tell what an awful experience that they had on the beach even though the concert itself was great……AND those people will not only not come again but will tell all their friends not to come.

    3. What would better serve the city:

    A. Ethnic festivals on the boardwalk from June – August every weekend . People like to explore different cultures clothing, crafts, food, etc.

    Maybe the CRDA should get off their asses and take a short ride to Smithville when they have the Irish Festival, Italian Festival, Mayfest, Octoberfest, the Corvette show etc.These type events attract a more diverse and upscale clientele.

    B. Boardwalk party WEEKENDS. St. Paddy’s Day—–Cinco De Mayo—–Memorial Day—–July 4th—–Labor Day. Put Beer trucks and food trucks on the boardwalk and make it a memorable weked where they will come back every year!

  2. Well said! I am a regular AC player from NY and I avoid these concerts! The smaller bands (not super headliners) make it fun, like The Rascals etc. AC streets just get jammed with the “hit and run” concert goers!

  3. Fund the Chicken Bone Beach Jazz Concerts. For 16 years these concerts were held at the Kennedy Plaza Stage the locals and the tourists enjoyed world class jazz music each summer on Thursdays in July and August – help fund the Chicken Bone Beach Concerts. Jazz draws a diverse group of folks of all ages.

    1. I agree about the Chicken Bone Beach Jazz Concerts. I attended several and it was wonderful. The 50K plus attendees at several beach concerts did help some of local businesses (Tommy Bahama in Pier Shops/Playground sells lots of beach chairs) but I think there are much better venues and use of CRDA funds. The themed festivals held in Smithville are good examples of future potential projects.

  4. Saturday concerts at Gardners Basin were a big hit in the black community. Does anyone in AC know the word community?

  5. Pink was a great show to bring. Others I don’t think helped.
    CRDA doesn’t know what its doing, needs to be abolished and Lance Landgraf first to go.

  6. Well I Guess They Are Not Having Any Free Summer Concerts Anymore At The Gardner’s Basin. I Really Looked Forward To Those Concerts.

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