Selective Enforcement. How Atlantic City Abuses Residential Taxpayers.

Selective Enforcement

How things really work in Atlantic City. Resident activist / real estate exec Geoff Rosenberger hears stories like this all the time.

Geoff recently shared this true and appalling story of how taxpaying AC residents get screwed.

Atlantic City Homeowner, Joe LaTorre. His experience with the City of Atlantic City.

LaTorre: I received a letter back in April from Atlantic City Department of Inspections. They said my house had paint chips peeling. I needed to paint my entire house…or be taken to court.

LaTorre Home.

LaTorre: After the costly project, my house was painted. I never heard back from the inspector. Even after multiple attempts to contact him.

To my surprise, I finally received a letter from the Director of Inspections. They said my property was abandoned. The city was moving forward to take it from me, even though my high taxes have always been paid on time.

I drove around my neighborhood and photographed other buildings. Even Stevie Wonder could see all the properties in need of repairs. Never inspected or cited by the city.

LaTorre: I took these photos to the directors office. I was told they would review it.

Another month went by. Never heard from the Director. After making some noise, I got help from a friend in city hall. A letter of apology. It was all a ‘misunderstanding’.

This is nothing but bullshit from the city.


So, I have decided to support the change of government within Atlantic City. I ask all my friends to also join and support this movement.

Get rid of the incompetency that has long existed in Atlantic City government.

We have nothing to lose.

Joe LaTorre


Rosenberger is a local ReaI Estate exec. He’s appalled by the living conditions in some areas of AC. Amazed that some properties even fail to get a mandatory CO, certificate of occupancy.

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