Self-Serving MUA Directors. Why Atlantic City Takeover Was Needed

The MUA water utility directors provided State overseer Jeff Chiesa with a big, fat target to go after. An easy first step in the so-called draining of the swamp. The MUA self-gifting was another example of why Atlantic City’s finances could no longer be left in the hands of local officials. That’s according to the Press of Atlantic City.

The State of New Jersey called it “further evidence of the MUA’s disregard for the ratepayers they serve and clearly demonstrates the authority does not understand the severity of Atlantic City’s financial condition.”

Self-Serving MUA Directors Show Why A.C. Takeover Was Needed

Directors of Atlantic City’s water company utility hiked rate by 10%, and then gave themselves a “gift” of $3,000 each. Director Gary Hill said it was business as usual, a traditional parting gift that directors get when they leave the board.

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