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Seth Grossman: Stockton Teaching Students To Be Haters On Taxpayers Dime.

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Stockton University is a NJ state entity that doesn’t pay taxes, indoctrinates students, and really hasn’t helped revitalize the City of Atlantic City. That’s what Seth Grossman of Liberty and Prosperity talks about on his appearance on Dan Klein’s WOND Radio show, 1400 am. LISTEN TO AUDIO CLIPS:

Some key take-aways from the Seth Grossman Podcast:

  • NJ Teachers Unions want tax hikes for bailing out pension systems.
  • When Stockton bought Seaview Hotel, Galloway TWP suffered big loss of big tax money.
  • Stockton enjoys $18 mil a year from state taxpayers.

Stockton borrowed enormous amounts of money to build & expand. The expansion continues, removing substantial properties from city tax rolls.

Atlantic City Public Schools are out of control.

The high cost of low grades. $28k per pupil in AC school system. Massive waste. Poor student performance.

Atlantic City School Performance Reports

Stockton controls prime beachfront property in AC and does not pay taxes.Stockton funded by tuition, borrowing, and NJ state monies.

Colleges robbing the taxpayers blind. As long as you indoctrinate students, we’ll support you.

See: Carlucio’s. Instead of boosting local business, Stockton is accused of building a city within a city. Do ya’ think the new Carlucio’s inside Stockton will hurt local pizza shops? Yup.

Grossman Podcast: Stockton, like too many other colleges, offer students virtually nothing. No useful skills. No critical thinking. Just blame all failures on someone else. Teach students how to be offended. Put them deep into debt.

Who benefits? Teachers unions, admins, Salaried workers with benefits & pensions, construction crews, Wall Street, etc.

Stockton bailed out Dante Hall, Carnegie Library. Both pay no taxes.

Is Stockton AC thriving? Why so few students on the streets? Still too many empty retail stores right across the street. Very little street activity.

Shuttle from Galloway campus to AC campus. Up to 45 mins.

Stockton awarded $300 million in contracts. Public private partnerships. No bid contracts.

Stockton desperate to monetize their assets. Now renting out their beachfront dorms for the summer, and you don’t even have to be a Stockton student. We can only assume Stockton students don’t want to stay there during the summer months to enjoy the beach & boardwalk, as originally promised.

Grossman: People should get jobs and promotions based on character, talent, and hard work….and not how many diversity boxes they can check on an application.

Stockton University and other higher education facilities turning students into haters.

Stockton itself is not practicing proper diversity. The diversity of thought. The diversity of opinion. The diversity of teacher backgrounds. The diversity of special speakers and programs. See: Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Taxpayer funds support indoctrination of Stockton students with far-left teachers, speakers and programs.

The last conservative speaker at Stockton we know of, was Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. This appearance was kept private, by invitation only. It was not recorded or shared for public consumption, even though this program was paid for by NJ taxpayers. Shame on Stockton. Whereas liberals and socialist programs are aggressively promoted and advertised.

Parents waking up to risks involved with sending their kids to universities that lack proper diversity of thought, opinion and political preference. This likely plays role in declining student enrollment ( See ACCC )

Local newspapers and media outlets are also suffering. Those that skew far left and play too much of an ‘activist role’, have also seen their industries gutted.

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