Short-Term Rentals in Atlantic City. Higher Fees, Stricter Rules.

Atlantic City landlords using short-term rental services like AirBnB are bracing for stricter rules, greater enforcement and substantially higher fees. See proposed rules, restrictions & fees below.

City Council is set to vote a collection of rules designed to crack down on out-of-control rental properties. Reports suggest there are approx 700 short-term rentals in AC. Only 85 are legally inspected and paying mandated fees.

Mayor Marty Small talks with WOND 1400am Don Williams about short-term rental issues. Listen:


Should we tax AirBnB’s in Atlantic City using commercial (not residential) tax rate? Council President Tibbitt thinks so. The commercial tax rate is much higher than residential.

NOTE: short-term rentals like Air BnB have allowed some home values to rise in value, This could mean more tax revenue for the cash-strapped city. Watch video >

Atlantic City Short-Term Rental Proposed Rules, Restrictions, Fees.


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  1. Its sad to see the city shooting itself in the foot like this. Here is some data… Short Term Rentals (STRs) in shore tourist destinations have been around for hundreds of years, well before online platforms like “Airbnb”. Last year Atlantic County STRs welcomed 43,800 guests and families into our wonderful city. Tens of thousands of STR reservations in Atlantic County goes without a hitch each year. Since the new tax law went into effect in 2018 extending state-administered and local occupancy taxes to STRs, Airbnb (not including reservations from other sites) alone has remitted $17.9 million in revenue directly to the state and cities. Not to mention the millions of dollars STR guests spend locally on restaurants, entertainment, transportation, and casino gaming. Additionally STR owners buy homes make significant investments in upgrades improving home values not to mention the local jobs they create (cleaning, maintenance, landscaping, management, etc…). There are different opinions on STRs… this is a beach resort town and I expect it would not be surprising that people would want to visit/vacation here. STR owners must be diligent in screening guests and if a bad apple renter happens to get by them I would suggest that owners have noise monitoring and video security technology installed at the property so that issues can be stopped before they occur. No one wants an illegal party at their home. The city can use already existing noise, parking, or trash ordinances to address issues and hold STR owners accountable.

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