Short-Term Rentals in Atlantic City. Higher Fees, Stricter Rules.

Atlantic City landlords using short-term rental services like AirBnB are bracing for stricter rules, greater enforcement and substantially higher fees. See proposed rules, restrictions & fees below.

City Council is set to vote a collection of rules designed to crack down on out-of-control rental properties. Reports suggest there are approx 700 short-term rentals in AC. Only 85 are legally inspected and paying mandated fees.

Mayor Marty Small talks with WOND 1400am Don Williams about short-term rental issues. Listen:


Should we tax AirBnB’s in Atlantic City using commercial (not residential) tax rate? Council President Tibbitt thinks so. The commercial tax rate is much higher than residential.

NOTE: short-term rentals like Air BnB have allowed some home values to rise in value, This could mean more tax revenue for the cash-strapped city. Watch video >

Atlantic City Short-Term Rental Proposed Rules, Restrictions, Fees.

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