At Worst Possible Time, SJTA Wants to Raise Atlantic City Expressway Tolls by 40%

Another Toll Hike Coming

The absolute worst time to increase tolls on the Atlantic City Expressway. Green-lighting a 40% toll hike while the general public is told to hunker down and not leave the house. Who’s gonna risk getting sick to protest a massive toll hike?

Nothing worse than pushing for toll hike in midst of health, un-employment and foreclosure crisis.

Concerned Citizens of AC.

NJ Gov Murphy says groups of people are ordered to NOT gather. This does not apply to the South Jersey Transportation Authority.

SJTA will not postpone AC X-way toll hike public hearings scheduled for April 1.

James “Sonny” McCullough is a SJTA board member. According to the Press of AC, Sonny’s been told by the SJTA that the Governor’s Office and SJTA leadership do not want board members quoted in the press about the hearings. That’s why we decided to post the lovely photo below.

South Jersey Transportation Authority Board Members

SJTA atlantic city expressway
SJTA Board Members

The toll hike would help fund a direct connection from the expressway to the struggling airport. Why schedule these public hearings when people can’t attend? Not only does the SJTA authority want an immediate toll hike, they want automatic yearly increases too.

Governor Murphy tells NJ residents to shelter in place. Stay home. But when it comes to meetings about spending more public funds… those meetings can go forward.

Families losing jobs. Business shuttered. Big middle-finger to average citizen.

Concerned AC Taxpayer

AC Expressway Toll Hike Public Hearing

WHEN: April 1, 12 noon, at South Jersey Transportation Authority, Frank S. Farley Service Plaza.

Public comment period is open til April 13. Comments can be mailed to Executive Director, South Jersey Transportation Authority, Farley Service Plaza, P.O. Box 351, Hammonton, NJ 08037 or email to Good luck with that.


SJTA should postpone these public hearings to raise tolls. Especially when most are reeling from layoffs and shutdowns.

Holding critical public hearings during a public health crisis is despicable.


  1. I commute every day to work and refuse to take a toll road. Route 40 and route 50 for me. over the years I have saved a lot of money. Don’t be stupid.

  2. Rt 295. Rt 42 north south freeway.. No lights, no toll…why in south jersey do we pay…ac Expressway and GPS would be.less traffic on the main highways and our roads safer. We have to pay for small bridges to ocean city, avalon,,pay pay

  3. Shame on all Board Members …..!!!!!
    You should be looking for ways to CUT COSTS ..!!! …. slary’s – pensions
    cadillac health care etc ….!!!!
    ABUSE OF POWER …..!!!!
    SHAME ON YOU …..!!!!!

  4. It would have been note worthy to include the salaries of the people (fat, old, white men) pictured above. If they are so concerned, maybe they should be paid NOTHING and volunteer the time to the SJTA! Last one out of Atlantic City turn the lights off!!! BY THE WAY, how is this casino shut down working for all the members of Commissioner McDevitt’s Union (Local 54)? NOT TOO GOOD, but C. Robert McDevitt I am sure is doing fine with his many pay checks that have not stopped coming! SHAME on him, and he wants to take over the City, I DON’T THINK SO!

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