Skateboard Park Quietly Torn Down. Will Atlantic City Rebuild?

A homemade, Atlantic City skateboard park was torn down earlier this week. The popular park was built by AC residents including Jason Klotz, who wants to build another park, that’s fully compliant with ordinances & insurance issues.

Councilman Gilliam: Our city is becoming younger. As an advocate for youth, I’m at a loss why the Mayor decided to take down the skate park at Pete Pallitto field, a beautiful & important asset for our youth.

Who ordered the Skateboard Park knock down? Atlantic City Councilman Frank Gilliam says the city administration was responsible.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, Gilliam said: “(Mayor)Guardian told these kids a bold-faced story and hasn’t been truthful”…the tear-down is a “troubled situation”.

Why would anyone in Atlantic City be opposed to recreation?” he added, saying the city is becoming younger and there must be more outlets for public recreation.”


2 thoughts on “Skateboard Park Quietly Torn Down. Will Atlantic City Rebuild?”

  1. “Why would anyone in Atlantic City be opposed to recreation and our City is becoming younger?” What moronic statements. How much does a fiscally strapped City already pay for recreation for its yuths? In the millions no doubt. Maybe it was torn down because its on City Property, and if someone got hurt, the City could be held liable?

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