Small & CRDA: Atlantic City is Ex-Offender Dumping Ground. No Kidding.

Some notes & video from the Aug 13, 2018, City Council meeting in Atlantic City. Council President Marty Small meets with CRDA / Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, on a regular basis. Mr. Small reports the CRDA might buy 5 rooming (half-way) houses, and convert them into low-income housing. Needle exchanges and Tourism District social service issues are often discussed during meetings like these.

Watch Atlantic City Council Video from Aug 13, 2018.

Small and CRDA: ‘The problem is… and the CRDA admits, surrounding municipalities use Atlantic City as a dumping ground for those with drug and mental issues. Ex-offenders and former sex-offenders also make their way to Atlantic City. Other towns provide these individuals with a one-way bus ticket to AC. They call this ‘greyhound therapy’, as in Greyhound Bus therapy.

Since NOV 2016, Atlantic City has been under a state take-over. Over-seer Tim Cunningham has moved on, replaced by Rob Long, who’s now tasked with keeping an eye on AC.

Will AC ever get back it’s sovereignty? We think yes. But it’ll be a much smaller AC that returns to it’s citizens. Council Prez Marty Small neglected to remind attendees that he, the Mayor and Council, no longer have control of the Tourism District and now, the Stockton District. Stockton even took over Sandcastle Stadium and portions of Bader Field.

So, even if the ‘take-over’ ends tomorrow, the citizens of Atlantic City will no longer have full sovereignty of the most valuable parts of their city. Council Prez Marty Small & Mayor Frank Gilliam will effectively preside over the neighborhoods that have been long ignored over the past 40 years of casino gaming. They will have virtually NO say in what happens in the Tourism & Stockton districts. Sad, but true.

Also featured at the recent AC council meeting, the lil’ firecracker known as Joyce Molineaux, who may or may not be the current chairman of the dysfunctional AC Democratic Committee, took parting shots at retiring Congressman, Frank Lobiondo. She reminded Council and attendees that Lobiondo received the grade of ‘F’, from the NAACP, the entire time he was in office.

And lastly, residents have asked when Atlantic City Council will return to the much needed, two meetings per month. One council meeting per month, is not enough.