South Jersey Republicans Need To Grow A Pair

RINO Republican in Name Only

Former NJ Gov. Christie Whitman said she’d like to see Democrats take control of Congress. That’s according to the Star Ledger. Whitman said a House controlled by a party opposing the Republican president would be a way to keep Trump in check. 

Former NJ Republican Governor, Christie Todd Whitman: “I’m hoping we lose the House. That would be a good thing,” she said. “Congress could stand up to him (Trump).”

Christie Whitman apparently enjoys her ‘swampy’ neighbors that include Frank Lobiondo and Chris Christie. These NJ Republicans look to be paving the way for Democrat wins in the Garden State. Former Atlantic City Mayor, Don Guardian has also been connected to the so-called South Jersey GOP swamp.

Jeff Van Drew
Van Drew OK with CRDA ?

‘Senator Jeff Van Drew is beatable’, says one political insider. ‘His once moderate ways will be nothing but a memory…. if he wins the seat now occupied by retiring RINO, Frank Lobiondo.’ RINO = Republican In Name Only.

Jeff Van Drew’s tepid and irresponsible response to the CRDA audit is very telling.

The CRDA Audit. ‘One of the greatest financial scams of our time’, dismissed by a sitting NJ Senator, Jeff Van Drew. We hope residents of Atlantic City remember that on election day.

From Press of Atlantic City: Van Drew said it was too early to say whether the existing regulations governing CRDA were not adhered to or if there needs to be more stringent laws in place to ensure proper fiscal management.

Van Drew: “There’s possibility for legislative oversight, but I hate that it would be necessary. I think what this really begs is more of a conversation with (CRDA leadership).”

The Congressional race in New Jersey’s Second District – Seth Grossman vs. Jeff Van Drew.

The National Republican Campaign Committee, and a handful of local GOP elected officials have distanced themselves from Seth Grossman. Many have saddled up with far-left media outlets in order to curry favor and avoid negative coverage or editorial.

Some Republican candidates spend big bucks for advertising on openly, anti-conservative newspaper and radio outlets, in order to squelch unfavorable coverage of their particular campaigns.

Grossman: Christie Whitman betrayed every value Republicans are supposed to stand for during her eight years as Governor. She appointed radical leftist judges to the Supreme Court, and bankrupted the state pension funds.

Grossman: Christie Todd Whitman turned New Jersey from a solidly Republican state in 1993 to the deep blue Democrat state it is today.

The lack of backbone. No cahones. Too many South Jersey Republicans have kept quiet on the recent NJ State Audit of the CRDA. Maybe they fear exposing tacit endorsement of CRDA’s epic mismanagement of funds and direct harm to the citizens of Atlantic City?

See CRDA AUDIT below.

AC CRDA Audit 9.12.2018

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  1. The infamous CRDA, Casino Reinvestment Development Authority will meet on Tuesday Sept 18… for the first time since a state report came out that criticized its HORRIFIC fiscal mismanagement.

    The Authority’s board is scheduled to meet at 2 p.m. at its headquarters, 15 S. Pennsylvania Ave.

    Of course, Atlantic City Council is not required to attend. The CRDA would never want elected AC officials…who meet only 1x per month….to actually DO SOMETHING for the residents of Atlantic City.

    You don’t think Mayor Gilliam and socialite Gary Hill are gonna speak up, do ya?

    We don’t expect Senator Brown or Assemblyman Mazzeo to be there. Senator Jeff Van Screw-You, will also likely NOT be in attendance.

    The recent CRDA Audit is proof that Atlantic City has been scammed…and virtually ripped-off…in broad daylight.

    And no one really cares. ( except for Seth Grossman )

    Elected leadership…..including council prez Marty ‘Party’ Small….are either stupid….lazy…..or they’re in on the scam.

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