State Bully Forcing Atlantic City Deeper into Debt?

Atlantic City Council President Marty Small is keeping his fingers crossed. Small hopes to have enough support on Wed, Feb 21, to do as the State of NJ orders, and take the city deeper into debt by $55 million.

The Council President is clearly & openly on the side of the State and Mr. Tim Cunningham from the DCA. Small has also expressed in-direct support of former Governor Christie and former AC Mayor Guardian with his actions.

Listen: Seth Grossman talks $55 mil debt with Harry Hurley:

With the current City take-over, the State can borrow the $55 million on their own. But do the DCA and Cunningham just wanna keep their hands clean?

No need for the State to have their fingerprints all over this shit show.

They prefer to ‘bully’ Marty Small and the City Council of Atlantic City. Let Marty and Council do the dirty work. Marty Small is already a cheerleader for the State of NJ, pressuring other councilmen to vote YES with him.

There is no documentation. No paperwork. No signatures, where it shows the City Council of Atlantic City being OK with the punitive 10% penalty interest rate for borrowing tens of millions of dollars a few years ago.

You better approve this $55 million bond issue. Otherwise the state is going to impose a $700 tax hike on Atlantic City taxpayers.

The burden of additional taxes will fall on just 39% of Atlantic City taxpayers. Casinos will not be harmed by this DCA threat.

The State has the juice. They can get the $55 million on their own. But why not let City Council take the blame? Let Atlantic City do the dirty work. Let those rubes vote & sign off.

A very big vote for the City Council of Atlantic City.

Many councilmen are soon up for re-election. If they vote yes….they risk not being re-elected.

Residents of Atlantic City not happy. Why is Mr. Small endorsing? Why does Marty ignore us? Crazy.

100% of public comment was AGAINST city going deeper into debt.

Additional debt keeps Atlantic City on tight leash for years.

Too many City Councilmen siding with the State of New Jersey. Crazy. Are they nervous? They should be. Vote the wrong way…. and lose the election. 

Take it to the bank. Any councilman that votes for $55 mil bond ordinance, will not be re-elected.

It’s as if the State of New Jersey is handing City Council a knife to cut off their own head. Council President Marty Small is the first in line with his neck stretched out.

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  1. What a mess of a City. See what happens when your school system can’t teach, the pupils become councilmen that can’t think.

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