Steel Pier’s Catanoso Rips Union & Politicians About Taj Mahal

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Summer 2016

Anthony Catanoso of Steel Pier is not happy about efforts to keep the TAJ MAHAL closed for 5 years. That’s putting it lightly. Catanoso fumes at those siding with LOCAL 54 union leadership while ignoring all others.

Recent legislative voting has caused massive blow-back on those who support the anti-business, anti-Icahn legislation.

Catanoso posted the following on his social media page: The bill to penalize any casino that shuts down… by suspending their license for 5 years… is horrific for Atlantic City. This measure will drive a dagger into the heart of the resort’s economy. It will scare off future potential investors.

Some legislators support this bill to show support for Local 54 knowing full well the devastating repercussions it will have if NJ Governor Christie signs the bill.

Steel Pier Anthony Catanoso Atlantic City
Steel Pier’s Catanoso

Local 54’s leadership (or lack there-of) showed no regard for it’s members during the doomed strike this past summer. All it accomplished was 3,000 lost jobs and devastation for other innocent, local businesses.

The way to show support for the union is to help and educate them on how to elect responsible rational leaders. It’s a shame so many good people were hurt by a few egotistical, maniacal bullies. Let’s all hope and lobby for the Governor’s veto of this ludicrous piece of legislation.

Anthony Catanoso, Steel Pier, Atlantic City Boardwalk

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Rusty Zakraysek The problem in AC is and was Bob McDevitt – he’s no leader – he left those 1100 union members out in the cold and it caused others to lose their jobs. McDevitt needs to go one way or another.
Michael Palombo You are so right with this Anthony! Local 54 President Bob McDevitt is mainly responsible for 3000 family’s suffering this holiday season out of work. As you have told me, you have been very happy the way Donald Trump worked with you pertaining to Steel Pier. I believe his commitment is to truly make America Great Again! Hopefully that will include helping Atlantic City rebuild itself !
Patti Hemberger He also left the other 2000 non union employees out of work- everyone forgets about us. The union workers at least had a say in it, we had to shut up or fear getting fired, which would happen eventually, but each week with a paycheck was better than not.