Steve Young BLM March in Atlantic City. Seven Arrested. Watch Video.

BLM activist Steve Young, along with 6 others, were arrested on July 4 for blocking the Albany Ave Bridge and the Atlantic City Expressway. WATCH VIDEO BELOW:

Steve Young is director of Atlantic City’s Planning Board.

Young followed through on his threat to ‘shut the city down’ and lead another disruptive march and protest. This time, only 50 showed up to participate and support Steve Young. Watch video:

WATCH VIDEO from Patrick Jeanty. ‘Play-by-play’ reporting of BLM march & arrests.

The group protest began in front of the ACPD Public Safety Building, then walked to the middle of the Albany Avenue bridge where they stopped traffic. Young and the group were warned that obstructing a roadway was in violation of the law and they were subject to arrest. 

Blocking Albany Ave Bridge

After the second warning, the group began to depart. During the protest, police officers walked with those in attendance and provided assistance with traffic.

The small but loud group of 50 marched to the Atlantic City Expressway where they illegally entered the eastbound lanes. Young’s group then stopped & blocked this major roadway into the city.

BLM & SJW Marchers on AC Expressway

Expressway traffic was forced off Exit 2 of the AC ex-way, onto Route 40.

Officers moved in and arrested Young and 6 others. Everyone else scattered to avoid arrest.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small wasn’t having it. “We’re not going to tolerate someone trying to hijack our city when it’s really about him,” says Small.

ARRESTED:  Steve Young, a 60-year-old man from Atlantic City. CHARGES:  Obstructing a highway, refusal to obey a reasonable official request, and resisting arrest.

Steve Young arrested for his Black Lives Matter protest which blocked traffic on the Atlantic City Expressway.

patrick jeanty atlantic city blm
BLM & SJW Video Journalist, Patrick Jeanty.

American Legion Riders were in Atlantic City to protect military statues and monuments. Just in case Young and others wanted to pull them down, or deface them.

Our local and regional Public Safety departments did an outstanding job.

  • Atlantic City Police
  • US Department of Justice Community Relations
  • New Jersey State Police
  • Atlantic County Sheriff’s Office
  • New Jersey Transit Police
  • Atlantic County Emergency Response Team. 

“The Atlantic City Police Department and our law enforcement partners have been preparing for this protest due to threats made by organizers,” said Chief of Police Henry M. White Jr.  “While we respect and support those that exercise their First Amendment rights, we will not allow a major roadway to be blocked cutting off access for our community members, emergency personnel, or visitors to the City of Atlantic City. We are grateful that the Atlantic City community did not participate in this misguided attempt to shut down the city.”

Also ARRESTED:  Levar Davis, a 21-year-old man from Atlantic City. CHARGES:  Obstructing a highway and refusal to obey a reasonable official request.

ARRESTED:  Alex Kettles, a 52-year-old man from Burlington, NJ. CHARGES:  Obstructing a highway and refusal to obey a reasonable official request.

ARRESTED:  Nolan Mitchell, a 45-year-old man from Atlantic City. CHARGES:  Obstructing a highway and refusal to obey a reasonable official request.

ARRESTED:  Troy Ogelsby Sr., a 57-year-old man from Cherry Hill, NJ. CHARGES:  Obstructing a highway, refusal to obey a reasonable official request, and resisting arrest.

ARRESTED:  Michael Scott Jr., a 45-year-old man from Atlantic City. CHARGES:  Obstructing a highway and refusal to obey a reasonable official request.

ARRESTED:  Taiwa Ukawabutu, a 55-year-old man from Pleasantville, NJ. CHARGES:  Obstructing a highway, refusal to obey a reasonable official request, and resisting arrest.

All seven men were released on a summons with a future court date.

Mayor Marty Small, no fan of Steve Young, had his campaign video truck pass by the protest often. Loud music and campaign ads played on the large screens.


  1. Nothing more than a small a group of street thugs marching, using foul language, and trying to taunt police into a confrontation.

    Why is the clown recording video allowed to use the ‘N’ word throughout the entire video? If a white person was recording and using that word, it would be the end of the world. I’ve never understood that. If it’s such a terrible word, no one should use it.

    March down Atlantic ave. should have been told to parade on sidewalk, not middle of street.

    Such a small group that police should have been able to enforce that. If they didn’t comply, lock them up immediately. No one should be inconvenienced by these clowns.

    1. BLM is a domestic terror organization . Business and residents are struggling enough through this filthy Chinese plague then to also be made more miserable by these agitating thugs.

      Police have enough filth to dea w/ in /AC than to also have this bs.

      Cities across the nation have been desecrated and put in ruins.


  2. Kudos to Mayor Small. He protected his town unlike the Coward Philadelphia mayor.

    1. Thank you, Linda for this comment – I completely agree with you. Thank you so much, Mr. Mayor!!!!

  3. Pathetic little Patrick Jeanty tried to build up what amounted to nothing on his sorry video. Stayed far enough away from any signs of enforcement from the police.

    I guess people had better things to do on 4th. Probably celebrating Independence Day. Didn’t quite work out for you, did it? Maybe people are seeing what you really are. A big mouth instigating coward. Go back to the sewer you crawled out of.

    Great Job Mayor Small and AC Police.

  4. Mr. Young is a racist monster. How dare he claim to have the black community in mind.

    How dare he claim to be worried about their careers, their pockets, knowing damn straight this was the most important weekend to ALL OF US and he “shut down ac” to prevent us to work, our businesses to make money to protest work and making money.

    How dare he claim the protest was with George Floyd in mind. His extortion: I’ll call it off if you give my organization millions of dollars!

    The nerve of Atlantic City NJ to act as though it’s no biggie.

    He was willing to just drop this “protest” so long as he gets all the proceeds from the marijuana dispensary in town.

    NOT ONE PERSON that showed up to support BLM knew it was just smoke and mirrors. Young, along with all other organizations and politicians, are hiding behind BLM to push their personal agendas.

    The country is how it is right now due to ignorance, entitlement, and being self absorbed. I have hard time believing all these people would have been at a “protest” that ALWAYS turns into destruction, risk being arrested, and risk getting ill or hurt had they known the organizer strong armed our already struggling city that has NEVER seen a time without corruption!

    Mayor Small, so far you have impressed me. Do whatever it takes to see that Steve Young is held accountable for extortion. And maybe we will continue to believe what you say about caring for this city. You speak a good game. Show us you WILL NOT be strong-armed. You wILL break the cycle of city corruption.

  5. What’s left to say that isn’t obvious after that video may God have mercy on all of us difficult times and difficult people and feelings God’s speed Marty you have quite the situation sir

  6. The more restrictions that Law Enforcement and the Citizenry of Cities, villages, towns and Counties place on these DIPSHITS the better for America. KEEP in mind!!!! If you have a PROBLEM with ANYTHING in this Country, it has NOTHING to do with me, my friends, neighbors and etc. It appears that YOU ALL feel a NEED to PROVIDE TAXPAYERS/CITIZENS and VOTERS about WHAT YOU damn well need. Who in the hell cares what in the hell YOU NEED!!! We have start to buckle down and THROW these MARXISTS in JAIL as most of them are LAW BREAKERS, PEDOPHILES, DRUG ADDICTS and etd. Now someone FEELS that WHITE AMERICA should be given a run down or a breakdown about “WHAT THE HELL YOU NEED” BS. These are MANY Whites out here who are ready to go over the edge in MANY ways. And at this POINT, We do NOT kid or joke about messing in our lives. The strangest thing about all of this is YOU’VE NEVER did any type of CONSTRUCTIVE thing for SOCIETY, AMERICA or any OTHER COUNTRY. Why in the HELL do we NEED BLM and the rest of the BUNCH HERE??? NOT!!!! YOU are the most SELFISH, SELF SERVING POS that I have ever seen. Have never did any constructive thing at all. YOU are here on the public dole MOOCHING from WORKING AMERICA. NOT even any MIlitary DUTY Go get a job, stop hating yourself (although I am happy to see you do that and LEAVE ALL OF US THE HELL ALONE!!!! REALLY NOW!!!

  7. We now have to look at this symbol of this racist, radical group painted on one of our streets in Atlantic city because our liberal city government does;nt have the balls to stand up to the bum Steve Young. Thats what its all about. How do they think this is a good thing when you have so many people living in the city and visiting the city that hate this BLM group. BLM also stands for Blue Lives Matter. Showing support for our police. You think they would have included this in their so called mural. AC city government a bunch of bums.

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