Steve Young’s Dangerous Shake Down of Atlantic City

Just another shakedown from Atlantic City’s public enemy #1…. Steve Young.

The meeting between Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small and a BLM Black Lives Matter organizer went nowhere on Wednesday afternoon. This paves the way for a Fourth of July protest march that’s goal is to “shut Atlantic City down.”

WPG’s Harry Hurley: Steve, I hope you get your ass locked up. LISTEN >

July 2, 2020.

The meeting was supposed to figure a way to stop the protest. Mayor Marty Small worked hard to bring various organizations together to meet with Steve Young, who’s planning the Fourth of July protest.

Another shakedown. Steve Young wants proceeds from Atlantic City’s marijuana business to be given to the Black Men United Coalition. Young is the president of that organization.

Mayor Small met with Steve Young on Wednesday afternoon at the Atlantic City Convention Center. Who was there?

  • Mayor’s Chief of Staff; Ernest Coursey
  • Constituent Services Director; Bruce Weeks
  • CRDA Executive Director; Matthew Doherty
  • President Atlantic City Chamber; Michael Chait
  • Two executives from AtlantiCare
  • Joe Dougherty; Casino Association of New Jersey

Mayor Small: We thought that Young would have appreciated being at the table for a sit down.

Young disrespected the Mayor. “Okay, everyone else can get out.” “We all looked around the room, and he was referring to me, the mayor of Atlantic City,” Small said.

It’s about time. Mayor Small has started the process to remove Young from his current positions on the Atlantic City Planning Board and the Citizens Advisory Board. Hard to believe he even had those positions.

Small to Young: “I’m not going to allow you to make a mockery of the great people of Atlantic City. That’s not going to happen.”

Small said Young’s motivations are, ‘all about him and his organization’, not Atlantic City and it’s residents.

Steve Young: “On July the Fourth, we are going to shut Atlantic City down to show the light of systemic racism, and the issues economically and socially, and the oppression that happens right here in Atlantic City,”

Small supports peaceful protests, but not criminal riots like the one that took place May 31, where looters destroyed many city businesses – like the Tanger Outlets.

Mayor Small: Law enforcement officers, some as high as the federal level, are already in town.

Rumor: Pagans motorcycle gang may be in town.

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