Stockton Vendor Wants to Sell Booze. Local Bars Not Happy.


Chartwells is Stockton food service provider. They now wanna sell booze.

Bars and restaurants in Atlantic City’s Tourism District don’t have to buy a liquor license from the city. They just go to the state for a concessionaire License from the state.

Chartwells is required to apply to the state ABC, not Atlantic City.

The State of NJ and the CRDA (Casino Reinvestment Development Authority) can circumvent city regulations. Everything from planning board issues, real estate, mercantile and alcohol sales.

There are 92 liquor licenses in AC. But the state can issue special concessionaire licenses. It circumvents local ABC rules

Owner of Wonderbar & Ducktown Tavern not happy about that.

When Stockton and the State offers a concessionaire license, it devalues a REAL liquor license.

With Stockton wanting to building a boardwalk pub on their campus, that’s just not fair.

But much like the tourism district, the Stockton district looks to be enjoying special treatment.

Bar owners brought their concerns City Council. They had NO IDEA this was even happening. Council was kept in the dark.

Stockton Caterer: Chartwells

Local bar owners are concerned the application by Chartwells could lead to more businesses that don’t have to pay for a liquor license serving alcohol.

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