Stockton’s Kesselman: Mandatory Vax & Racism Classes for Students, But Not Teachers.

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Why Do Teachers Get A Pass?

Will Stockton student enrollment take a hit due to mandated vaccine and racism courses?

According to President Harvey Kesselman, Stockton University will require all students to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccination before they come to campus during Fall 2021 semester. Even those taking remote classes need a jab too.

Listen: Kesselman on WOND Radio 5.6.21

Stockton faculty and staff are not required to get vaccinated, says Kesselman.

Senior Nicholas Carlson has a problem with teachers & staff not being required to take the vaccine. He started an online petition.

“The university deliberately illustrating action of taking COVID-19 vaccine to a glorious act of societal righteousness”. Carlson wrote: This is a serious decision for families and their doctor. “The right to a quality education should not play a role in deciding upon whether a person should receive an emergency vaccination.”

Kesselman admitted there were no student deaths from Covid.

Stockton’s Version of Critical Race Theory?

Starting Fall 2021, Stockton students are also mandated to take courses devoted to race and racism. This could be considered a version of Critical Race Theory?

Kesselman has yet to provide what exactly, these classes will teach.

The Stockton University Board of Trustees approved a resolution to require all incoming students to take two courses that address race and racism.

This mandatory curriculum was proposed by Donnetrice Allison, coordinator of the Africana Studies program at Stockton and professor of Africana Studies and Communication Studies. WATCH VIDEO >

Allison says the Race & Racism education requirement will ensure that all students, no matter what their major, will receive education in the history and impact of race and racism in America.

Allison said Stockton faculty will be encouraged to incorporate race and racism into the courses they’re teaching. Race issue will be included in most if not all program areas inside Stockton University.

“One course alone will not be effective,” Allison said. “If we are ever to address the racial issues this country continues to grapple with, students need to understand that there are levels to racism and that to some degree it is within every field of study.”

Allison said 20 Stockton faculty members already teach about 25 courses that meet the requirement.

Stockton University is proud to offer a variety of Race and Racism programs.

  • Race, Class, Gender and Criminal Justice
  • Race and Politics
  • Race, Poverty and Education
  • Africana Studies

Allison said all Stockton students need to understand the history and impact of racism. “This is something everyone must understand if we are to eradicate racism and promote equity and diversity.”

Stockton commits to promoting antiracism and being leader in social justice issues.

Parents fear that Stockton racism courses will only divide the student body. Some Black and Latino families no longer sending their kids to Stockton, specifically for this reason. No word yet on courses focused on much needed, Latino and Asian groups who make up a substantial portion of the South Jersey population.

Stockton teachers are encouraged to blend ‘Race-focused talk’ into other courses as well.

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  1. Ricky whiteblood

    I hope Stockton folds ! Maybe they should teach racism against white people

  2. Gail schwartz

    Will the student sheep submit to a clown college or search for better comfortable digs elsewhere?? U make the call!!?? I say elsewhere!! Last time I looked it “was” America, not Nazi Germany!!

  3. It is the duty of all higher education to teach saleable skills. That is SKILLS to earn a living …!!!
    To focus on racisms is to further divide this great country …!!!
    I believe “ALL LIVES MATTER” …….. racist to to teach … only BLM ….very divisive ….!!!
    initiated by Obama ….. very wrong ….!!!!
    “No matter how far you have traveled on the wrong road, turn back”
    enjoy ….!!!!

  4. Harvey Kesselman should step down. NOW. Donnetrice Allison should become the next President of Stockton.

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