Straub Council Appearance Puts Brakes on Bader Field Deal

Developer Glenn Straub

WATCH VIDEO > Is Atlantic City afraid of Glenn Straub? Sometimes it seems that way. Straub made an appearance at Atlantic City City Council last night. He attended in order to ask that the BADER deal be delayed.

After Straubs appearance, City Council decided NOT to sign off on a lease agreement with Bader Field Sports LLC. This group wants to develop sports fields at the old Bader airfield.

Notable Take-Aways from Straub / AC Council Discussion:

  • Straub warned Council that green lighting Bader Field Sports LLC deal could be violation of law and that Council can’t OK a contract…. before it’s finalized.
  • Straub: Atlantic City doesn’t have authority to sell Bader property, due to legacy FAA arrangements.
  • Straub: Sports fields at Bader won’t provide much revenue or jobs
  • Straub: Lack of transparency within City Hall
  • Prepping Bader Field requires raising elevation. Straub concerned that contaminated fill might be used.
  • Straub: Governor (Christie) may ‘come down’ and ask why Straub’s money is being thrown away
  • Straub: “Give me some gas, give me some heat, I’ll do it” in response to Council’s request that he ‘get Revel onboard’.
  • Straub: City hurdles & other red tape keeping him from powering and reopening Revel.
  • Mayor & Atlantic City: wants time to fine-tune details with Bader Field Sports lease agreement.
  • Council President Gilliam: property must meet environmental regulations.

Did Gilliam blink? Some think so. The council president says Straub has nothing to do with the delay. He just wants to fine tune the deal before moving forward.

Gilliam also pointed to engineering plans that may not comply with environmental regulations as reason for the delay. Hmmmm…… We think something else is cookin’ behind closed doors in Atlantic City.

WATCH Glenn Straub & Atlantic City Council

Yup. He’s back. Well, he never left. Although some wish Glen Straub would. We think some are freaked out….. that Developer and Revel Property owner Straub is buying up valuable land….before other insiders can get their hands on it….on the cheap.

Straub’s plan for Bader Field was originally turned down. He attended the AC Council meeting on WED OCT 21….in order to ask for the BADER deal to be delayed.

Straub reminded council that he wants to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Atlantic City. He wants to re-open Revel as soon those roadblocks to power the building are removed. Bader could also be returned to being a small airport, or a place for equestrian competition…or even a place for motorsports.

Straub guarantees sending $7.5 million per year to the City if his plans are supported. Hundreds, if not thousands of jobs would be created as well.

Note: Straub would use his own money, and not taxpayer funded grants & incentives, to develop his Atlantic City properties.