Straub Ready for Revel Re-opening. Haters Denied.

Straub at City Council, March 16, 2016

WATCH VIDEO > On Tues, March 15, Atlantic City officials toured the Revel property. “Amazingly intact and in great condition” is what they reported after the 90 minute tour. Much of what they saw was in direct conflict with daily inaccuracies being reported by local news radio.

For the past 15 months, media pundits regularly questioned Glenn Straub’s sanity, as well as his interest/ability to re-open Revel in Atlantic City. One particular news director virtually swore Straub & Revel were doomed. One by one, those rumors, accusations and innuendo are proving to be wrong. Really wrong.

When no one else could or would, Florida real estate developer Glenn Straub stroked a $82 mil check. He took ownership of Revel. Jealousy ensued, as cold, hard cash snagged this premium, 20 acre plot along the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

Instead of being seen as an economy-boosting hero, Straub endured 15 months of red tape, fines, electricity shut-downs and eminent domain threats.

Glenn Straub has often been the target of taunts from manipulated Radio newscasters, reporters and politicians. Some are not shy about wanting Straub to sell Revel and cash-out with a big payday…even if Revel and it’s jobs supply would sit dormant even longer.

Officials from Atlantic City toured Revel property on March 15, 2016.

  • Dale Finch; Director of Licence & Inspections
  • Elizabeth Terenik; Director of Planning & Development
  • Scott Evans; Fire Chief
  • Wally Shields; Construction Official

After some face time with Straub, the city’s team was escorted through the building by Revel’s facility manager. It was a comprehensive inspection that took about 90 minutes. Finch & Terenik deserve credit for that smart reach-out to Straub, effectively ‘scooping’ the local news outlets.

The Real Facts About Revel:

  • Revel is 99% ready for business.
  • 500 guest rooms are ready. (out of 1500)
  • There is now a ‘Ropes’ course in the lobby.
  • Clubs are ready. HQ is not part of re-opening plan.
  • Swimming Pool prepped and good to go.
  • Jobs. Lot’s of them. At least a few hundred. Job fair is planned.
  • Public safety, inspections & planning execs say Revel is “amazingly intact” & in “great condition”.
  • Gaming machines, tables & chairs in place, like-new condition.
  • Hotel rooms are clean with perfect beds, furniture, light fixtures, drapes, artwork.
  • Restaurants, hotel rooms and gaming floors look ready to go. Everything in place.

BS exposed. Haters denied. Rumors proven false.

  • Tractor trailers taking valuables OUT of Revel? Nope. They were actually bringing stuff IN to Revel. Kitchen appliances and related items were being delivered from satellite storage areas.
  • Rumors about mold due to lack of AC & Heating? Total nonsense.

Today, Straub is now on the verge of finally opening the former Revel as a 500 room resort and casino. More rooms will come online soon. June 15 is target opening date. His application is currently under review by New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement

Will somebody try one last time to thwart Glenn’s approval for a NJ casino license? Probably. Would some short-sighted nitwits try to effectively kill the much needed positive press and 500 jobs this re-opening no doubt would produce? Probably. But they will ultimately fail. A new Revel could eventually put 2000 – 3000 people to work, according to Straub as he addressed City Council on Wed. night, March 17.

Some have tried to position Straub as slightly eccentric. He’s in good company. Steve Jobs, Steve Wynn, Henry Ford, Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg, Carl Icahn and Albert Einstein all had and still have the same problem.

The Atlantic City economy needs the former Revel property to be up and running asap. Atlantic County would benefit too.


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