Straub Still Fighting For Showboat Casino in Atlantic City

Casino Atlantic city
Icahn, Blatstein & Straub

Glenn Straub still wants Showboat, even if Stockton already sold it for $23 million to developer Bart Blatstein. The Mardi Gras themed casino on the Atlantic City Boardwalk has sat dormant for two years. Caesars Entertainment shuttered the property in 2014, even though it was a profitable operation.

Caesars corporate chaos played a role in selling the Showboat Atlantic City property.

Straub, who owns the former Revel property says Stockton hosed him, they didn’t do what was agreed to. Stockton was supposed to try…. to remove the deed restriction placed on the Showboat. The restriction was placed by the former owner: Caesars Entertainment. Caesars sold the Showboat property with an economy-killing restriction that it’ll never be a casino again. WTF?

Revel and Showboat have been closed since 2014.

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