Straub Still Stymied. Will Atlantic City Ever Be Biz-Friendly?

The Internet in Atlantic City is buzzing with plenty of negative blow back on how the City is run.  In reference to Glen Straub’s struggle to re-open REVEL and hire thousands……Jim Martin says: The Casino Control Commission has done nothing to help Atlantic City. The commission should have this taken care of by the end of the week all these obstacles are nonsense these people who work for the commission have no idea how desperate people are for work for so many years the wrong people have called the shots so for you the commissioners get the deal done or step aside and let someone who knows how to close a deal it really is nonsense.

Mike Hill says:  They literally just made a new law overnight just to stop Icahn from reopening Taj Mahal… just because he busted up the union. So instead of reopening this summer and creating jobs, the lawmakers are stopping it, just to get back at him (Icahn).

Straub wants to open but every time he tries… they say ‘oh, you forgot to fill out this form… oh, we need to review this crazy idea you have of leasing out the gaming floor’.

Caesars has a lot to say when it comes to the City as well… there is always more to it… if they make a law overnight in this state just to screw Icahn… you’ll be surprised at what Straub is actually going through.

Times have changed and so should the union… health care has doubled in price. Almost everyone I know it has doubled this year alone…. Tony’s Baltimore grill owed 800k to the union in fees/health recently. I’m not saying unions are bad but when health care costs double/triple in price (Obama care) it’s harder for a business to cover 100% of this.

Even if you’re an engineer for Lockheed Martin, you don’t get these kinds of benefits anymore. It’s the unions job to get as much as they can, but if the numbers aren’t right, they aren’t right. Concessions have to be made somewhere, or the union has to be reinvented/imagined with better ways to get insurance.

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