Teachers Union Wants Critical Race Theory in Schools

“How do I have two medical degrees if I’m sitting here oppressed?” Ty Smith, a Black father and radio talk show host, went viral after he heavily criticized the idea of schools teaching Critical Race Theory at an Illinois school board meeting that was caught on video.

The largest teachers union in the country wants critical race theory taught in most, if not all, schools. The National Education Association is moving forward with plans to mandate critical race theory within all school districts.

The NEA union plans on joining Black Lives Matter at School on Oct. 14 — George Floyd’s birthday — for lessons on hate, structural racism and oppression.

Roughly two-dozen states have already banned CRT. More likely to follow. Iowa declares it ‘discriminatory indoctrination.’ 

Critics say it’s a racist philosophy in and of itself that encourages stereotyping and labeling while highlighting divisiveness and anti-American rhetoric rather than unity and the virtues of the founding documents.

Stockton University recently installed a new mandate: All students must take 2 courses focused on hate, racism and bigotry.

That’s in addition to race issues that will be included in all program areas inside Stockton University.

Stockton faculty will incorporate race and racism into all courses they’re teaching.

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  1. Monica Casiello

    The editor clearly could benefit from CRT instruction. I just read this rag for laughs.

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