Team Small vs Atlantic City School Board

marty Laquetta small atlantic city

Marty and LaQuetta Small are not happy. The Atlantic City power couple say they were defamed. A politically motivated smear involving an ugly, student sex-abuse case.

Did the Atlantic City School Board craft a scheme to throw shade on the Mayor and his ACHS principal wife?

According to Breaking AC, a tort claim was filed last month. A tort claim gives notice to a public entity of an intent to sue. That means #TeamSmall is pissed.

Accused Child Pornographer was Teaching in Atlantic City.

Kayan Frazier is the cousin of Dr. LaQuetta Small, who was then the principal of Pennsylvania Ave School.

In 2017, as a part-time teacher, he was accused of having a student sleep overnight in his bed.

Frazier was arrested in April 2019 on charges that he photographed the sexual abuse of local children, and shared those images.

Read full story at Breaking AC.

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  1. Her relatives crime should not have anything with how either of them does their jobs. Especially since they were not involved. Leave them alone.

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