New Media Voices of Atlantic City; This is AC & Triax 57

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Atlantic City can live or die by the coverage it receives from a lone news source. That’s the big risk of having a ‘one newspaper town’. But’s that all starting to change with new media start-ups like,, SNJ-Today, and ‘This is AC’.

Social media is the expertise of “This is AC”. They place their focus on the growing amount of positive Atlantic City news.

The co-founders of ‘This is AC‘ are Dawn Belamarich, Evan Sanchez, and Donna Danielson. Watch video below & read more at SNJ Today News. What do these three people have in common? They share a love for Atlantic City and new media.

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“We have so much to offer in Atlantic City, there’s so many positive things here, we grouped together with This is AC and formed this coalition just to push the positive information out about Atlantic City,” said Danielson. “There’s shopping, there’s great art, there’s awesome shows that you can go here, and that’s what we need to get out to the public.”

Read More at SNJ Today News

Triax 57

Headquartered in a spacious location within The Playground Pier at Caesars, would like to fill the void left by WMGM TV-40 that shuttered it’s news operation last year, providing local South Jersey programming and special events. Some, including us here at ACprimetime, would love to see former TV-40 anchor; Michelle Dawn Mooney show up on Triax 57.

John Heinz is the owner/founder of Triax 57 on the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

Heinz uses super-fast Internet connections to digitally broadcast (aka: ‘stream’) content to any device; smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops or smart TV’s. The goal is to let anyone watch local AC programming LIVE when it happens, or when convenient…via on-demand downloads.

Click > Learn more about TRIAX 57 in Atlantic City.

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John Heinz

3 thoughts on “New Media Voices of Atlantic City; This is AC & Triax 57”

  1. Good luck! I know AC is always looking for family fun and it would be great if they had more family events, especially at Christmas. Years ago, I saw Polar Express with my grandson at the Trop Imax in 3D. It was phenominal! Every year, I look to see if it is showing anywhere in the area, but it never is. This (and other family movies) would be a great draw for families. Think about it for next year.

  2. A HUGE THANK YOU to those of you putting the POSITIVE news out there! I’ve been saying for years that AC is it’s own worst enemy with the press and locals CONSTANTLY bad-mouthing the city. There are SO many things this area has to offer– find another city of this size that has World Class Entertainment and Sporting Events, a wide variety of Restaurants featuring some of the Top Chefs in the business, Shopping from Discount Outlets to Top of the Line Couture, Art Galleries and Museums, Parades and Special Events, Casino Gambling and OTB, and, YES THE ATLANTIC OCEAN AND BEAUTIFUL BEACHES!!! Keep up the GOOD work! If we build it, they will come!

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