To Boost Enrollment, Stockton Lowers Bar for Entry, Nixes SAT Scores

Stockton Atlantic City

SAT scores will no longer be required for students that want to apply to Stockton University for Fall 2019 classes. According to Stockton, the college will adopt a test-optional policy for freshman admission that will be implemented gradually over the next two years.

A test-optional policy is preferred by the so-called Faculty Senate task force, the Provost, and those involved with enrollment management. Officials say Stockton wants to be more inclusive and supportive of students. Observers ask: test scores, academic achievement and study are no longer paramount?

NJ Congressional candidate, Seth Grossman: “Stockton, like many colleges, is lowering standards to fill more seats in the classrooms and beds in its campus housing. 

Grossman continues: Lowering the Stockton standards does not improve the education they offer. It just makes money. Many of the new students who are admitted with the new lower standards just drop out after a semester or a year. And each year it puts students, their families and taxpayers deeper into debt, while giving graduates little in return. The big winners are a handful of well-paid professors and administrators, Wall Street lawyers and bankers who do the financing for campus construction, and Democrats who get re-elected with the votes of brainwashed students. Stockton’s work to revitalize Atlantic City is excellent, but lowering its academic standards is a mistake.”

The Stockton admissions process includes evaluation of student transcripts, letters of recommendation, essays and extracurricular participation.

Stockton Atlantic City

Comments are pouring in on social media.

Rachmiel Ben Ariel says: “The admissions process will continue to include evaluation of student transcripts, letters of recommendation, essays and extracurricular participation” in addition to a review of all financial contributions made to the institution by the applicant’s parents and/or grandparents.