Tourism & Conventions. Can Atlantic City Avoid Drug & Crime Challenges of San Francisco?

Atlantic City Tourism District Crime Tennessee Ave
AC Tourism District

VIDEO > Tourism and conventions are critical business models for both Atlantic City and San Francisco. How do visitors feel when visiting these towns? Some conventions are thinking twice when booking events in any town that might be considered dirty or dangerous.

Cities like Atlantic City & San Francisco are magnets for those in need of social services.

Most towns want to help those in need. But without careful planning, a city be quickly overwhelmed by those desperate for clean needles, food and shelter. Can social services and tourism get along together? What to do?

San Francisco just lost a major healthcare convention due to safety concerns raised by event planners. The rise in homelessness, trash, pubic urination, feces and syringes. Those with mental health issues. It’s these types of social challenges that makes San Francisco streets less than attractive to those who book conferences.

Tennessee Ave Social Services in Atlantic City

See Video.

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