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Tropicana’s Elevator from Hell. Stuck 6 hours. ACFD To The Rescue.

How would you like to be one of 14 trapped inside a Tropicana Casino elevator for 6 hours?

Yeah. Six freekin’ hours. But wait…..14 people in one elevator? That can’t be good. Even for 2 minutes, let alone 6 hours.

Imagine finding out that the Tropicana dragged their feet for over an hour before they finally reached out to the Atlantic City Fire Department. Yeah, the same ACFD that’s under attack from outsiders looking to scale back public safety personnel.

On Sat night/Sun morning, a crack ACPD rescue team skillfully used a rope and harness to lift 14 freeked-out partiers thru a ‘blind shaft’, which is a shaft that allows for quicker, express service to the top floors of the Tropicana.

100 feet in the darkness. Full bladders too. Each terrifying trip from stuck elevator car to freedom, took about 15 minutes. Once freed, the hot & tired became HUGE fans of the Atlantic City Fire Department. Their feelings for the knuckleheads at Tropicana were the exact opposite.

According to, Tropicana management tried to fix the elevator themselves.

A paid-for Trop suite was never used by at least one person stuck for hours. Once rescued, they were told to leave the property. How about that.

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Yvonne Bazemore says:

Great job. Atlantic City fire Department. You firemen are the best. You guys do not get enough recognition. Shame on you Trop there is no excuse for the amount of time it took to call the fire department. All excuses. And than, to make matters worse, you, kick those poor people out. No human compassion, wow how horrible. I m sure you made a terrible situation even worse. Shame

c.donohue says:

The Tropicana should be ashamed of themselves for how they handled this. They put their own interests ahead of the well being of their guests. On top of that, they punished the people that suffered due to their indifference.


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