UBER Green-Lighted by Christie. Cabs, Jitneys & City Not Happy

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The Interweb Strikes Again.

Ask almost anybody in Atlantic City and Margate about their experience with UBER, you’ll hear nothing but praise. Except if you drive a Jitney or cab, or you’re an AC councilman.

UBER & LYFT are ride-share companies that are uber-popular in Atlantic City, Ventnor, Margate & Brigantine.

City of Atlantic City HATES this: The new law, effective MAY 10, 2017, shields Uber and Lyft from municipalities levying extra fees on ride-share companies like UBER & LYFT.

NOTE: The law requires ride-hailing companies like UBER, to maintain $1.5 million in commercial auto insurance. Passengers injured in an accident while in a UBER vehicle, will be covered by medical from the driver or the company.

Local taxi services like Yellow Cab are not happy about this new competitor. The City Council of Atlantic City feels the same way. If UBER kills the cab business, AC will lose all the license & medallion fees collected from 250 cabbies. WATCH VIDEO >

How do cabbies & Jitney drivers compete in a world that loves on-demand services via their smart phone?

Uber threatened to leave New Jersey if harsh rules were applied to them. So, on Feb. 10, Gov. Chris Christie signed legislation that supports both Uber and Lyft. The new rules go into effect on MAY 10, 2017.

“This legislation makes it easier for this innovative business model to conduct business in our state, creating earning opportunities for our residents, and providing transportation services that are already in high demand,” Christie said in a statement.

Atlantic City Cabs & Jitney’s Not Happy About UBER

“Today’s action allows us to continue operating across the state and will improve the lives of New Jerseyans through access to safe, affordable transportation for riders, and flexible economic opportunities for drivers,”said Uber.

NOTE: A small but vocal push-back against the ill-executed Downbeach Jitney trial last summer created an even more fertile market for UBER to grow it’s market share.

NOTE: Local business along the Jersey Shore need to better understand the concept of DIGITAL DISRUPTION. It can be delayed….but not stopped. UBER is an APP that connects drivers with passengers, in a much more effecient way than cabbie dispatch centers. Travel agents are being disrupted by Expedia, Trivago & Air B&B. Real Estate agents are being disrupted by ZILLOW. Newspapers & local news radio is being disrupted by ACprimetime.com & DownBeachBUZZ.com.

NOTE: An Arizona lawmaker has proposed legislation requiring the state to cut its vehicle fleet by 20 percent and to launch a program that could use ride-hailing services like Uber or Lyft or other companies to provide transportation for state workers. Read Full Story 



  1. Lets crush innovation, the councilmen should be writing a book on how to shrink a an our economy. Hey I have an idea, just keep raising my taxes…

    1. If these people would take the trouble to check out the facts, they would understand that Uber and Lyft most definitely insure their riders with a million and half dollar liability policy. Nobody is riding in an Uber or Lyft without this coverage. However, there is one exception. If you order an Uber or Lyft and a taxi shows up and you get into this vehicle, you are NOT INSURED, period. The taxi is committing a fraud by stating that they are permitted to use Uber or Lyft to transport anyone that orders a ride using the Uber or Lyft app. In the event of an accident the insurance company for Uber and Lyft will denj the claim, because the taxi illegally registered their cab as an Uber, or Lyft by lying on their registration application. In addition to this, their own commercial insurance company will also deny the claim do to the fact that they are violating the terms of their insurance policy, which clearly states that they are not permitted to use the cab as a ride share service, Besides putting all of us at risk driving an uninsured commercial vehicle for hire, they have also robbed Uber and Lyft drivers of thousands of dollars in revenue. There is no doubt that justice will prevail in the end. Stayed tuned guys, it may be sooner than you think!

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