UBER Now Free To Transport Riders without Atlantic City Regulation

Atlantic City and South Jersey riders can now use UBER without fear of their driver getting a ticket.

New state regulations are kicking in… with regard to transportation-network companies. That means UBER is free to operate without having to deal with those pesky licence & inspection officers.

Gov. Chris Christie supported and signed the legislation earlier this year. And yes, it does set safety standards and consumer protections on the companies and their drivers who use these apps to pick up passengers.

“This legislation makes it easier for this innovative business model to conduct business in our state, creating earning opportunities for our residents, and providing transportation services that are already in high demand,” Christie said in a statement.

Atlantic City cabbies are so freaked out, some are posing as UBER drivers. Wow. Devious….and kinda smart. If not unethical & potentially illegal.
About 13,000 New Jersey residents make extra cash by driving for Uber.  Over 700,000 use the service.

Regulated & heavily fee’d Atlantic City taxi drivers are not happy. Neither is the City of Atlantic City. They can no longer regulate UBER. That’s now the State’s job.

Will old school Atlantic City taxis change their business model? Can they compete in a digital world?

Even Jitneys & LIMOS will feel the pinch. UBER comes in all shapes and sizes. Not only perfect for a short hop for one or two people…..but longer trips for a large family too.

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